Thursday, November 17, 2011

weird things i google: cat pee

I am a Google-er. I Google just about everything. If I have a question, my answer is Google. Get it? Got it? Good.

Today's random Google: "cats peeing on clothes."

That's right. I need to know why cats pee on clothes. Because Elaine has decided that it's fun to pee on our clothes.

When we moved into the apartment, we got Elaine a covered litter box. At my mom's house, she had been able to go outside and pee in the yard. She wasn't a huge fan of the covered box at first, but she seemed to get used to it. One day not too long after the littler box switch, we left a laundry basket of folded clothes out and she cuddled in them. And she also peed in them. We figured the litter box was the issue. That was a few weeks ago. In the past week, she has peed on two more items: Blake's jeans and my pajama pants. It's gross!!

Part of the problem is that we occasionally leave clothes on the floor. (You know you've done it, too!) Typically, we always put clothes in the hamper but we have been a teeny tiny bit lazy the past week. So, maybe the problem is that we are leaving our clothes out and that's the source of the problem. But, Google says cats urinating outside of the litter box is the #1 sign of a UTI.

She has been ridiculously whiny lately and has been much more calm and cuddly than usual. I have wondered if she doesn't feel well. She is eating, though, and doesn't show any other signs of being sick.... except for the whining and peeing.

So, what is wrong with my cat? How do I keep her from peeing on our clothes?! Google doesn't seem to have any real definitive answers other than to see the vet and that ain't happenin' because she poops when she has to ride in the car........... oh, Elaine.


  1. What did we ever do before Google? I've heard about that happening before when a kitty has a UTI. Perhaps you could just call your vet and they could give you a better idea. Or Google cat UTI and see what medicine other people use! Maybe it's somthing you can get at the petstore.

  2. Good idea!! My friend Ashley said she may just be mad about something... which we DID go out of town for two days last week and she was home alone (except for a brief visit from some friends to make sure she was okay). But that was last week! I'll see if there's something I could give her if she does it again. Hopefully it was just a fluke!