Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Macey at 3 Months

How can it be that my little baby is 3 months old already!? This past month that I've been back to work has made time seem to fly by, that's for sure! Here's a little about Macey at this age... 

Eat = Macey eats every 3 hours, but now she regularly takes 4 oz at a time. She has dropped her early morning (4-5am) feeding, so she takes 6 bottles a day (6:30a/9:30/12:30p/3:30/6:30/10)! She is still fed breast milk exclusively and I'm really proud of myself for making it this far with my trusty pump! 

Activity = We have a rolling baby! She rolled for the first time the day after she turned 12 weeks. It was SO fun to watch! I really didn't expect to have that same excitement with Macey as with Maleah. But I was SO excited and it made my heart so happy to watch her roll over for the first time! Macey is still a super happy and relaxed baby. She likes to see what's going on around her and loves to be held. And she loves watching mobiles! I don't ever remember Maleah being particularly interested in mobiles, but Macey loves one. I think Santa might bring her one for Christmas! One funny thing about Macey is that she likes movement... A LOT. If she is sleepy while we're driving, she will be calm while the car is in motion but if we get to a red light... my, oh my does she let me know she's not happy we have stopped! 

Sleep = Macey is sleeping through the night now. WOO HOO! She takes her last bottle around 10pm and goes until 6/6:30 before she is hungry again. She still rouses some around 4am, so we're working to help her stay asleep. Sometimes all it takes is a pacifier and sometimes it takes a little extra effort (like finding something safe for her to snuggle with!). We are working on crib training her since she's sleeping so well. Hopefully by Christmas/Near Years she'll be in her crib all night. We're just taking it slowly! Macey is not the best napper, but she does nap! It just isn't totally consistent - she might sleep for 45 minutes, wake up for half an hour, and drift back off to sleep. Who knows, haha. She's such a mellow baby that I just kinda let her do what she will! 

Other = Macey has had her first cold this past week. :( She was really fussy over the weekend and earlier in the week, but it seems to be subsiding and our happy baby is returning! 

Overall things are going really well! Macey is just the perfect addition to our family. She is usually very happy and content. When she does get fussy, it's pretty easy to figure out what's wrong and help her calm down. Maleah is doing really well as big sister. She loves Macey and is really proud of her. She likes talking to her and showing her toys and her things. She is starting to be okay with the boundaries we have set and the jealousy is subsiding some. I'm trying to incorporate the girls' routines as much as I can so that they are doing things together (like going to bed, for instance) instead of separately. 

I won't lie, though, working full-time on top of taking care of two kids has really been exhausting. Blake does just as much with them and around the house as I do and, yet, we still can't stay on top of our to-do lists! We are just kinda making it at this point... but we know things will get a little easier with time. I am learning to just do what absolutely NEEDS to get done and try to get to the rest when we have time. I think part of the stress is that I went back to work right as the busy holiday season was picking up. Once we are done with this weekend (our church's Christmas program), we will be able to relax a little more. Plus, Blake will be done with tutoring and can be home every night of the week! Yay!