Saturday, February 21, 2015

Baby Ball #2: 11 weeks

Well, the news is out! We are indeed expecting a second little cutie pie in mid-September. I was hesitant to share the news before reaching that 12 week milestone, but after feeling sick and tired  exhausted, I was just ready to get the news out there. We have had two great visits to the doctor and are praying for another healthy pregnancy & baby!

I posted updates about every four weeks with Maleah and I'm really glad I did! Every now and then, I go back and read my entries and it brings back all sorts of memories from being pregnant with her! I am hoping to do the same with this little one!

So, to answer some of the initial questions:

- We are due September 13. I'm very excited about having a fall baby... except that it means I have to make it through the hottest time of year being super enormously pregnant! Thank God for air conditioning! Also it's early enough in the football season that it shouldn't interfere with any major games. Obviously that's a big priority around here! :) (Kidding!)

- I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow. We found out early this time - at 3w5d! It was January 3 - a Saturday - and I'd wanted to take a test earlier in the week, but decided it was too early. But I woke up that morning and just had the overwhelming urge to take a test! By about 9am, I had convinced Blake to go to the store (yes, by himself!) to get me a test. He did, I took it, it was positive! Yay! We went to the doctor that week for blood work and then for an ultrasound after 8 weeks. The baby measured right on track and it's heart rate was 168!

- Yes, I have been sick. I haven't been quite as sick as I was with Maleah but I'm not sure if that's just because I know how to manage it better or because I am not trying to be a super hero and I take 4 mg of Zofran every day. With Maleah, I was really sick. But since my first trimester came at a time when I was not working full-time, I didn't always take medicine because I could stay home and rest. However, since I'm working full time and chasing around a 2-year-old, I just really don't have time to be nauseated if I don't have to be! I can make it through the work day without feeling too sick until about 4pm - then the nausea hits again and I have a hard time eating dinner. But I'm making it.

- Things have been different. But not terribly different. I am WAY more exhausted than I remember being with Maleah. Probably, again, because I'm working and taking care of her. But I am just absolutely ridiculously exhausted. I am really hoping my energy will return in a few weeks! It would also be nice to not wake up 6 times a night to go to the restroom - SIX times a night, people! I do not remember my bladder being THAT active with Maleah!

- My appetite is actually good! Most days, I am able to eat fairly well. By "well" I mean, I can actually eat enough calories - not that I am always inclined to eat something healthy. Right now vegetables are not appealing unless they are bland (carrots and potatoes) or fried (okra). Meat is hit or miss - some days it doesn't bother me and other days it grosses me out.

- I haven't really had any tried and true cravings, but Blake says I definitely have had stronger preferences than normal. Some of the things I have really wanted recently: fried chicken, lemon flavored anything, and Fruit Loops. Not too sure if the Fruit Loops is a true craving or if it's just because it's the only cereal with flavor we have in the house!

- I mentioned in a Facebook status the other day that this new baby craves fried food and chocolate milk... so I guess maybe I have had some cravings! The fried food is probably just because I've been so queasy - for whatever reason it's a comfort food for me when my stomach is upset (seems counterproductive, I know). The chocolate milk thing does not surprise me - I love chocolate milk pregnant or not! But I'm waking up hungry in the middle of the night craving chocolate milk! I did it with Maleah, too, just not quite this early! 

- I am not showing really, but I can tell that I'm growing! I love the tangible evidence that there's a little life in there! But it made me realize I am going to need some new maternity clothes since most of my maternity wardrobe is for the dead of winter! Gee, I really hate that I will have to do some shopping!

- We are going to find out this baby's gender - hopefully in early/mid April. Right now, Blake thinks it's a girl. I kinda think it's a girl - I'm about 70/30 (I've already had a dream that she was a sweet little dark-headed newborn). Maleah's on the fence. Currently she has a "baby guhl" in her tummy. But sometimes her baby is a boy... I don't think she's had the anatomy scan yet. ;)

- And, yes, we have told Maleah - actually we told her right after we took the test! I mean, she's 2. She doesn't really understand it. And we weren't worried about her blabbing to anyone. But she has gotten really good at telling people what we're getting at our house ("BABY!!!!!!"). I think she's going to make an excellent big sister. She has already asked if she can feed the baby a bottle, put a blanket on the baby, and change the baby's diaper.

We are really excited about this new little one! We have been wanting to add to our family for quite a while, but knew it was all in God's timing. We are very grateful for this new life!