Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tiny spaces

As I mentioned in my post from Sunday, our apartment isn't very big. When I first walked into it, I was nervous that we had made a mistake by moving into a place so small. We have some pretty large pieces of furniture (hello, 9ft couch! and butcher block table for 6!). I was terrified our stuff wouldn't fit.

I was wrong!

Most of our furniture fit. We had to leave behind an armchair, our two end tables for the living room, and we keep two of our dining chairs in the storage closet outside to maximize daily living space. But, for the most part... everything fit.

Then I was concerned that we had too much kitchen stuff. Wrong again! We still have room to spare and I'm telling you we have A LOT of kitchen stuff for newlyweds! I am so proud of the way we have our kitchen organized that I want to show it off... so here ya go! :)

Plates & things. We have ten settings of every day china (on the bottom shelf) and six plastic place settings. I love the little plastic stacker things - they have been a life saver for this tiny space!  

 The pantry is still a work in progress... it's narrow but deep, making it difficult to access items in the back. So, I put in those plastic bins so that you can slide items in and out easily. It's kind-of like having pull-out drawers in your pantry except waaaaaay cheaper!
 All my baking goodies are up top (there's actually more stuff behind what you can see, believe it or not). The snack basket was a must... all those little things we like to nibble on fit nicely right inside the basket!
 This cabinet is may not make the most sense as to how it's organized, but it works. Soups, bread crumbs, and stocks are close to the oven & prep area. Our cheese graters, hand mixer, toaster, and glass baking dishes are in there, too. Like I said, random... but it works. 
 This is my favorite cabinet to open! The cookware fits so nicely and the lid rack makes me smile every time!!! 

 The prep area.... I am hoping to move the canisters somewhere else soon because they just get in the way right now. And let me just say, someone kick me in the pants if I ever CHOOSE beige countertops. They are a pain in the neck to keep clean!!!
 Baking, measuring, & mixing cabinet. 
 Baking supplies. 
 Another great purchase - the magnetic knife thingy. It is above our stove.... the only bad part is that if you need the scissors before your first cup of coffee, you might accidentally grab them poorly and they might drop behind the stove.... oops. And my measuring tools are on the wall with cheap Command hooks. One day I'll upgrade!
 Spicy spice cabinet. I went crazy with my Target gift card and bout a three-tiered shelf thingy and it's great for all those bottles and spice things. (We also have a spice rack that sits on a counter). The little white basket has pouches - ranch packets, taco seasoning, etc. 
 The white things are these snap-together organizing trays. They're awesome because you can customize the layout to fit your drawers. I also have some in the bathroom cabinet drawers to hold my makeup.

 Under the sink is also fairly organized, although a bit crammed. Stuff we use most often is in the front, extras and other things in the back (in another plastic basket!). 

There's some other cabinets that I didn't show... but, I think the point is clear! I'm so happy we didn't have to leave behind any of our kitchen things. Every time I go in the kitchen, I breathe a little sigh of relief that it is mostly finished, mostly organized, and that it is such a fun little place to be. Blake and I cook together almost every night and it's such a treat. We have some great conversations in there! I never thought I could love a tiny little apartment kitchen so much, but I do! I want to marry it! (That's weird.)

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  1. You guys have a great kitchen! Chris and I are in a tiny apartment too and are kitchen has zero storage space. Not only that, but I have to use a stepping stool to reach the cabinets! Oh well, I'm just excited we're in a place of our own together again:)