Wednesday, November 16, 2011

most popular kid in the school

That's me.

Okay, maybe not the most popular. But, I'm up there on the list of cool peeps to know.

At least that is how I feel when I walk down the hallway. It doesn't take long for me to wander out of the library before I start hearing, "Hey, Mrs. Ball!" in the hallway. Little "hello's" coming from all over the place.

I don't mind it, except that I am pretty confident that students in the hallway (particularly if they are in line) are supposed to be silent. To keep them from getting in trouble, I have started ignoring them when they talk to me in the hallway. I hate that, because I don't want them to take it personally. But,  as much as I love my new "Mrs." title, hearing my name 100 times a day gets a little old.

So, after Thanksgiving, I'm going to try something weird. I'm going to let each class come up with a secret signal - a signal they choose that represents "Hey Mrs. Ball!" so they can silently "speak" to me in the hallway. It could be a wink, a thumb's up, a head nod... I don't really care! Part of me thinks it's a totally ridiculous idea and that they are going to think I'm crazy. But, they might also think it's the coolest thing ever... and that I am the coolest librarian ever.... so, I'm gonna take that risk. :)

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