Sunday, November 20, 2011

SOC Sunday: Cleaning the Hizzle

I'm not really sure how many square feet our apartment is, but it's not a lot! We are definitely finding it difficult to keep the ???# of square feet clean. For a couple of weeks, we would clean on Saturday mornings, splitting the apartment in half and each taking a half. I had the kitchen, dining room, living room, and Blake had the bathroom and bedroom (and usually the laundry). It was working well.... until we went out of town.

Being away on a Saturday threw us off. We are extremely busy on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, so cleaning during the week is tough. Usually, I get home around 5:15 and on those three days, Blake or I have to leave the apartment to go to work around 6:45. Not much time to cook, clean up dinner, and clean again.

Then, I divided the house up into chores that we could do that would only take 15 minutes a day. That hasn't worked!!!

And now we went the whole weekend without cleaning because yesterday we put up the Christmas tree (which was a total fail... see previous post!).

We have a great system for the kitchen - Blake loads & runs the dishwasher at night and I unload it in the mornings. We keep the sink empty for the most part by putting our dishes straight into the dishwasher as we use them throughout the day. That little routine has been a major help. But, figuring out other routines has been more challenging! We'll get there. I just hope we get there sooner rather than later because the clutter is killing me!!

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  1. Man, I know how you feel! I spent today cleaning and cleaning and cleaning...and I'm still not done! Do you ever get to the place where you just want to toss everything out? That's where I am! Good luck with getting rid of the clutter!

  2. Good luck! We're supposed to be cleaning on Sunday mornings but today we just plain forgot, hubby, 2 kids and I all forgot. Until right now that I read your post. I better get the troops to work.

  3. Cleaning is my absolute least favorite thing and my house is slowly closing in around me. I need to get a routine going with my famiy!

    Popping in from SOC

  4. Well I am glad we are not alone! My husband is a teaching assistant at the University here, so this part of the semester is his busiest (and he - thank God - insists on helping clean/maintain the house). I am hoping we can get back on track during Christmas break and start doing more maintenance cleaning rather than feeling like every week is a major overhaul (since we just moved a couple months ago, it seems like we're always changing something!). But the good thing is - at least we are all enjoying life instead of slaving away keeping a pristine house for no good reason!!

  5. I really need to know how many square feet that apartment is. Because I have a big house and I think back to cleaning my 847 sq ft apartment as a single girl and I marvel at how I could get everything spotless in an hour on a Saturday.

    That has happened since I was a single girl living in an apartment.