Saturday, December 3, 2011

O, Christmas Tree...

One of my many finds on Black Friday was a brand spankin' new Christmas tree. It's a 7.5 footer, labeled as a "pencil" tree (although there's nothing skinny about it), and it takes up more than its fair share of space in our tiny little apartment. As far as we can figure, there's only one place for a Christmas tree in our apartment - the dining room.

You can see the tree from the living room (and from the glass patio doors), which I like. But, I don't like that there's only one foot of space between the tree and the table on one side. :) Oh well... that's tiny apartment life for ya. Next year, we may figure out a way to rearrange the living room so we can put the tree there, but it's up and decorated in the dining room and it's staying put!

Regardless of where the tree is or how big it is (I'll probably complain one day of how small it is once we live in a bigger place....), there's one sure thing to love about the tree:

Our ornaments. 

Blake's mom and I both have a penchant for expensive Christmas ornaments, so it didn't help that we went shopping for ornaments together this year. Thankfully, she's a sweet mother-in-law, so she paid the bill for a few of our new trinkets! I also collect Belle ornaments, so we bought the newest Hallmark Belle and we also started a Charlie Brown collection for Blake. I was just so excited to get our ornaments on a tree that wouldn't fall over! The tree is missing it's bow, but I'm getting that today... guess I could've waited to take a picture of it until then!

Here's to our first Christmas in our tiny little apartment (and to my first photo collage)!

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