Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 "All choir members need to come to the cafeteria at 2 o'clock today for practice."

Those fifteen little words sent me to tears. Not hysteric tears, just the embarrassing kind that are noticeable enough not to pass for the old "ugh, my contact is bothering me" lie. They weren't supposed to have choir practice today and I was supposed to finish my 3-part writing lesson. My cooperating teacher gave me a hug and said we'd figure out another time to get my writing lesson in before it was due.

That semester, I learned more about being flexible than I did about how to teach. There was always something due, always something going on, and always something getting in the way of me completing my assignments. But, I learned to make-do. I learned to adjust, to reschedule, to relax. And in the end, everything got turned in!

The past two days at work, I've been able to flex my flexible muscles and just enjoy the ride. The library has basically been shut down for meetings and DIBELS testing since Friday of last week. On Monday, a teacher came running down to the library asking if I could fill in for him because his sub request never filled. Awesome for me, because I really had nothing to do! So, flexible Katie hung out in 3rd grade most of the day. Yesterday, I was supposed to go on a little excursion with some students and I'd been looking forward to it for a week. I even wrote about it in my journal! And then I got to school and a 5th grade teacher needed me to sub for him. At first, I was a little sad because I really wanted to go on the trip. But, then I flexed some more flexibility and wound up hanging with his students (which was fun because they were working on their math raps!). Who knows what will happen today!

I have been really proud of myself the past two days. Back in the day, I'd get all in a tizzy when plans changed at the last minute (both at work and at home). It really knocked the wind out of me when things had to change. But, I've learned to just roll with it. Just go with the flow, adjust, readjust, breathe. No big deal. There is not much in life that is really worth me getting worked up for. Not to say I don't stand up for myself or that I'm just a pushover, but.... I only buck when necessary. Life's too short to spend it frustrated and angry over things you just really can't control.

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