Saturday, December 10, 2011

saturday mornings

Since we've been married, Saturday mornings have looked like this:

Me waking up early (usually sometime before 8), drinking a cup or two (or three!) of yummy coffee while browsing Pinterest and watching home remodel/makeover shows.

Sometime around 9 or 10, I wake up Blake from his much-needed rest.... It's a happy day!

Blake usually has "dog duty" and is responsible for taking Arnold out to pee/poop. But, since I am a sweet wife, I take Arnold out on Saturdays. This morning, I took him out (sans-leash 'cause I'm a rebel!) and started thinking about our Saturday morning "routine". It's so relaxing, so calm.

The thought crossed my mind that we will eventually add kids to the mix and my Saturday morning routine will look much different. No more waking up slowly, lounging around and indulging in my own hobbies. I started to have a little mini panic moment - Do I even WANT to have kids? No more relaxing Saturdays? I'd have to get up and feed the kid and entertain it and play with it and eventually watch annoying Saturday morning cartoons... 

And I looked at Arnold and realized that I've been taking care of him for almost six years (and Elaine for 1 1/2). It's meant walking in the freezing cold and in the rain, adjusting my schedule to ensure he isn't home alone too long, arranging for someone to take care of him when we go out of town. It's meant taking care of both pets when they're sick, cleaning up poop and puke, emergency visits to the vet's office, training, discipline, whininess (that'd be from Elaine), coming home to expensive chocolate ripped into and spread all over the floor. Sure, they are "just pets," but they're good training. We take care of our pets because we love them, even when it's terribly inconvenient and monotonous (and gross). I'm sure readjusting my schedule to suit the needs of my child(ren) will be just as easy. :)

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