Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A list.

1 trip to the NICU
1 allergic reaction to Ceclor
3 concussions
1 diagnosis of scoliosis
2 partially fake front teeth
3 crowns
1 root canal
2 wisdom teeth extractions
1 set of stitches on forehead
1 broken arm
1 broken toe
1 bout of tendonitis
1 appendectomy
1 conservative surgery
1 tonsillectomy
1 diagnosis of ADHD (so many things made sense after that diagnosis!!)
2 bouts of bronchitis
2 fainting spells
3 trips to the ER (resulting in a few of these procedures)
1 "bubble study" echocardiogram (that was fun!!)
1 diagnosis of PFO (which about made me pee in my pants!)
countless x-rays
2 ultrasounds
at least 3 CT-scans

I just think that list is hysterical.

And it makes no sense! I am practically the healthiest person ever. An ultrasound tech once told me I had "beautiful organs" that needed to be in a textbook. My cardiologist said I had an "athletes' heart" (and I am obviously no athlete). My dentist loves my teeth and I brush AND floss twice daily!

I have to say, though, the coolest experience was having an EKG (echocardiogram). It was merely a final step to rule out a potential heart problem (glad to say my heart is healthy!), so I wasn't nervous or worried about it. It was so amazing to see my own heart fluttering on the ultrasound screen. The doctor was kind enough to show me all the chambers and I got to watch it beat for a little while.

Today I'm just thankful to be healthy. I'm thankful for being taken care of when I'm sick. :)

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