Thursday, August 11, 2011

the throwing away of things... and random rambling.

So far, 100 in August is off to a great start. We're eleven days into the month and I have thrown away 36 items. We'll call it 36 because after the Great Bathroom Clean-Out over the weekend, I threw away AT LEAST 30 random items. I lost count after a while, and figured thirty was a safe bet. I threw away over a dozen little hotel shampoo & conditioner bottles. I don't know why I always want to keep those... call me sentimental.

We are moving into our house on Saturday (yay!), yet we have done NO work at the house this week. Monday and Tuesday were emotionally draining, and then yesterday I got a job!! I am only working half-days, but I have been doing some planning in the afternoon since the kids are all mine on Monday morning! I know I can "wing it" a little until I get everything settled there, but I need to hit the ground running on Monday with rules, procedures, etc. Today I hit the Dollar Tree jackpot and made a really cool matching game and a sight word game with some stuff I found. Oh, I guess I should write that I was hired to teach Pre-K at a private preschool in Northport. :)

So.... moving. Yeah, slow-going at this point. We STILL need to finish painting the cabinets but I have no motivation!!! I have been SO tired this week. They won't take long, so I am hoping to either work on them tomorrow afternoon or next Monday evening. I haven't packed many boxes - I figure I can do that Saturday while the dudes are hauling away heavy items. Most everything is already boxed, though, since the majority of our possessions are unopened wedding gifts!

I am glad to be HERE finally - gainfully employed and moving into an almost-finished house. It has been a long journey and we still aren't totally out the woods, but we are so far from where we were when we got married!

This was the most random post I have written in a while and.... well.... that's what ya get! I am SO tired!! Trying to convince myself to do a load of laundry, bathe the dog, go for a walk, and call it a day.

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