Saturday, August 13, 2011

busy, busy!!

This is the weekend we've all been waiting for: MOVING WEEKEND!!!

A friend is coming over today around 9am to haul our possessions down the street into the big old beautiful house. Part of me is STOKED, another part a little nervous. There are still many projects to be done, and many rooms are still considered "in progress". For instance, the kitchen cabinets are not quite finished yet (still need a 2nd coat of paint), so I can't exactly put all my kitchen stuff up yet. But, we'll be able to sleep, eat, and watch TV at our new house - no problem. :)

Though we still have a great deal of work to do, we wanted to go ahead and move in since Blake starts school in less than two weeks. I think it will be a lot easier to motivate ourselves to work if we actually live in the house. You'd think we'd be motivated anyway, but it's hard to have to make a trip out to the house and take all our stuff and bring it all back.... yada, yada, yada. Point is - we're moving in and hoping to have the house "guest-ready" by Thanksgiving-time. I mean, people can come over before then, but it's gonna be a mess. ;)

And there is an exciting twist to the weekend - I have to prepare to teach next week! There isn't much to planning Pre-K lessons, but it's good to have lots of options and ideas so that the kids don't get out of control while I'm trying to get stuff together. There's nothing worse than four-year-olds with nothing to do. :) I also need to rearrange my classroom and hang stuff on the wall, but I'll work on that in the afternoons while the kids are napping. I think this whole Pre-K thing is going to be good for me - I still get to teach (thought it's VERY different than teaching 5th graders!!), and I have loads of freedom. I don't have to give tests every week and I get to be SUPER-creative. Monday we are practicing writing our letters using Ziploc bags filled with paint. :) The kids are going to love it!

Happy weekend to us. Will post pictures.... one day.


  1. Yay for moving and for a job! I want to see pictures from both - maybe I can steal some ideas :)

  2. Robyn!! I DO need to post pictures... I will try to to take some of my classroom at the end of this week, once I've finished putting stuff on the walls! We are mostly learning how to "do school" right now - getting in line quietly, listening without interrupting, rasing our hands, etc. Today we practiced using glue - I showed them how to put a tiny dot on the piece that needs to be glued! It was so cute, and most of them did great! :) I highly suggest a lesson or two on glue & scissors use!!!