Monday, August 1, 2011

Photo Fun!

Okay, enough with the depressing posts!! Geez. Nearly 60 people have read my last blog and not a single person commented... that must mean it's time for some cheeriness.

So, here's something good for the day. For a while, I've debated on getting a new camera or just getting an editing program to enhance the camera we have (a frickin' sweet Nikon point & shoot). Since we have a slew of wedding/showers/honeymoon/house pictures that I want to beautify, I opted for the latter option. And thanks to stalking the blog of my friend Kathryn, I found out you can try Lightroom for free. If I like it, I'm asking for it for Christmas. iPhoto has served me well - it actually has some great editing tools, but it's time to put my big girl panties on and branch out! So today I got the free trial and started playing!



I actually semi-liked the first photo, except that it is sooooo over-saturated. For the edit, I can't even tell you what I did. To me, it seems a bit over-done.... because it is. I tried just about everything on it! But I kind-of like it. I really like the crispness of it. I don't like the way the leaves at the top are almost white, though - they look x-ray-ish. Oh well, it'll all come with time!

In the meantime, HONEYMOON PHOTOS!! I cannot reiterate how frustrating it is that Facebook won't allow me to upload photos! I swore I'd start a flickr album and share pictures that way, but I've not done that yet. So, here's a few I love (and these were edited with regular old iPhoto):

The Pier that goes waaaaaayyy far out into the Atlantic! I touched a baby shark on this pier!!
Enjoying a row boat ride through a black water swamp... where we saw alligators and egrets and mosquitos!

A spot we visited more than once... benches along the gorgeous Ashley River. This was taken post pistachio- and strawberry-flavored gelato.

The Sailboat Ride that Almost Wasn't. Thanks to a near-total fail on behalf of Groupon and after being rescheduled due to inclement weather, we almost didn't make it to our scheduled-months-in-advance sailboat ride around the Charleston Harbor. Thank goodness we made it because it turned into a 3 hour ride of bliss. Made us late to our dinner reservation, but we didn't care!

And here's a never-before-seen pre-wedding shot:

It was such a happy day. :) And Squidward was there to see me through it...

Now, if you looked at this blog post and have not yet commented, SHAME ON YOU!! Comment!! I hate seeing how many people read my blog but never write a single comment!! :)


  1. Your pictures are super cute, Katie!

  2. You pictures are so cute Katie! I am so happy for you and Blake!

  3. I love how the two of you matched for your swamp boat ride ;)

  4. I love the sailboat one!!!!! Send me a copy for my fridge. Duh.

  5. Look at all these beautiful comments!!! :) Haha. Thanks friends. :)

    Ash - thinking about using it for our Christmas Card.... "Merry Christmas. We're On a Boat." Haha. I need a catchy title....