Saturday, July 23, 2011

You've Been Waiting....


Donna Berryhill, our photographer, had approximately an hour and a half before our ceremony to take photos. Most photographers have two or more hours beforehand, so I was slightly nervous about whether or not we would get the photos we wanted. Amazingly, she got TONS of shots before - I was taking pictures with her up to fifteen minutes before the ceremony!! She utilized every second of time she had, and we got some really great shots.

I hope you enjoy looking at these! There are some pretty funny ones... mainly of me halfway through some weird expression. One of my favorites is the shot of me grabbing my bouquet from Holly after being pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Blake is standing straight and tall, so proud. And I, well... I am doing what I usually do - something crazy. :)

Thanks to all of our family and friends who played a part in making our day such a happy one!

Click "Viewing and Ordering" and then "Blake and Katie". The password is "ballwedding".

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  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! You both looked so happy :)