Thursday, July 14, 2011

not sure why

Maybe it's because I have only been writing about my house and joblessness and need something more uplifting. Maybe it's because he's curled up next to me, making the funniest sounds while he's sleeping. Maybe it's because we don't have kids [yet] and he's the closest thing we've got. Whatever the reason, yes, I am writing a blog post about my dog. I am that pet-owner.

I saw his picture on the website of the Shelby County Humane Society in April 2006. I was living alone in Montevallo at the time, and really wanted some company at my apartment. The only dogs I'd ever had were outside dogs. We had plenty of cats, and I would have considered myself a cat person... but, once I saw Arnold, I wanted to bring him home!

They said he was about a year old and that he'd been in the shelter for four months. He was a drop-off, so they didn't know if he'd ever had an owner or if he was just a stray. My guess (after getting to know him) is that he did live in a house at some point. It wasn't long after I brought him home that I found out he had a fear of bathrooms. I guess he got locked in one at some point. I try not to lock him in the bathroom too often. Only when he's bad. :)

When I walked through the shelter, Arnold (that was the name they gave him, and it obviously stuck) was the only dog that didn't bark at me. He just looked up at me with his cute little face, big ears sticking straight up. He had no idea what he was about to get into!

The car ride home from the Humane Society.

One of our very first walks.

Arnold's favorite thing to do.

This little guy has been through a lot. Just five months after adopting him, my dad passed away suddenly. It was the strangest thing - Arnold was so calm during that time. I don't know how dogs know stuff like that, but they do. Two years later, he was attacked by a pack of German Shepherds during one of our walks. It was awful. Despite his severe wounds and emotional trauma, he wagged his tail all the way to the Emergency Vet while my cousin Holly held him tight in the backseat. He survived, and he has the awesome battle wounds to prove it.

He's moved a few times - from Montevallo to Ralph, from one house to another and then to another house, and he's about to move again - with me and Blake to our new house! He's a good dog, and everyone who visits us is greeted through an extensive process of sniffing, jumping, licking, and cuddling. He can do lots of tricks - though sometimes he goes overboard and tries to do three tricks at a time when he REALLY wants a treat.

These days, his age is showing. He is much more gray around the face and he is much lazier. When I first brought him home, he was up at 6am every day, ready to go for a walk. Now he will sleep as long as I let him and he goes totally limp if you try to get him out of the bed. He also huffs and puffs when he's not getting his way, and to get on to him all you have to do is point your finger at him and he knows. It's so funny.

He's my favorite dog. Ever.

So, there's my geeky blog post about my dog. He's just so darn cute. I don't see how you could not love him. But, you probably have a dog, too, and you are probably head-over-heels for him/her, too. So, you understand. Pets are pets, but sometimes you really can bond with one. I think it's obvious I've bonded with mine.

And then there's Elaine.... :) (It'll be a few years before I blog about her!)

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