Sunday, July 3, 2011

the honeymoon phase

I know, I know, I should be serving my husband a hot Sunday mornin' breakfast or even getting ready for church (sinners, we are). But, I'm not. I'm sitting on the couch, catching up on whatever it was we missed while we were honeymooning and deciding what book I should start reading. Blake is still in bed, "sleeping" (reading an e-book). We need one last day of so-called freedom, so we're staying home today to unpack and do laundry before "real life" begins.

Funny thing is though, Blake and I have already experienced "real life". Maybe now it's more official since we wear rings on our fingers, but April 27 solidified everything. The rest was just a formality.

We have already faced real stress, real fear, real problems... nothing that comes at us is all that scary at this point. Okay, maybe a little scary. My hope is that we continue to look through the honeymoon lens as we eventually leave this dreamy stage and enter into the dreaded "reality of marriage" that everyone so ominously warns about. Maybe we won't always feel dreamy and our circumstances may often reflect more of a nightmare, but we have each other.

Vomit - I know. Cliche. But this past week, I realized exactly what that statement means. Bad stuff IS going to happen - and it already has (yes, I cried during our honeymoon) - and we will just let it roll off of our backs. Trusting God fully means we have to be a little naive, a little too 'roll with it' - a little like life in the honeymoon phase.

The reality of marriage is that people who [unhappily] live in the reality of marriage are missing the reality of God. Again, naive - I get it. The reality of God is that my reality is a facade. And I'm so glad it is.

Nothing lasts forever except the reality of the Kingdom of God. And I want to live like I'm already there.

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