Thursday, June 23, 2011


The stuff is in boxes, waiting to be hauled to the church in a matter of hours. I've been collecting wedding stuff for nearly a year, and the time has finally come to gather every-little-last-thing together and take it to the church to get set up. This is the most relaxing part of all. :)

From what my friends and family have told me, I am relatively calm during what should be a very stressful time because I have planned well. I take that as a sweet compliment - for once, my over-organized, remember-it-all brain is finally paying off in a big way!! But, the ticker-tape to-do list in my brain is constantly on "super-fast," and I'm just hoping to remember everything.

After the storm, we talked about how we would just call off the big church wedding if we hadn't already paid for everything. I'm glad we're still going through with our original plans for sentiment's sake, but living through a tornado and all its mess with Blake made me realize just how much this stuff - because that's really all it is - doesn't matter. But, it also makes the stuff sweeter. Every detail is cherished, not agonized over. No longer am I critical over every single solitary detail or stressing over whether or not the stamps match the "feel" of the thank-you cards. I am just grateful for the opportunity to celebrate what God has given us with our dearest friends. Our wedding will be the one time that all of our friends and family are in the same place at the same time - and that is what I am looking forward to most.

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