Friday, June 17, 2011

a quiet end

Tonight's plans are simple: straighten the house and relax.

My poor house has come to look much like a wedding war-zone, so much so that I would truly be embarrassed to post a "see for yourself" picture. Currently, a large (and I do me LARGE) cardboard box sits open and overflowing with gifts and bubble wrap in front of the hearth. On the window seat is a stack of crystal bowls and dishes set aside for the reception. And in my room, clothes predetermined for honeymoon-wear lie... well, all over the place - waiting to be washed and packed.

In just a matter of weeks, I imagine this is what our big old beautiful house will look like. Boxes lying around, waiting to be unpacked. Stuff everywhere because it doesn't quiet have a home yet. Beautiful things given by beautiful people displayed proudly (though possibly haphazardly) until everything is settled.

A little chaos is sometimes good for the soul. :)

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