Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dreaming Again

A brand new ceiling fan for a soon-to-be brand new ceiling.

That's all it took to get me excited all over again about our first home.

A team of men (and one awesome woman!) from the Vineyard Church in Boise arrived on Monday to work in this tremendous heat to help us rebuild our roof. They have been so kind to leave their families and jobs for a week to come help little old us... and fix a house we weren't even living in yet.

There is still a giant hole in the roof of the living room, but they are working hard to repair the structure and should have some covering on it tomorrow or Thursday. But, already, the structure of my faith and of my heart has been restored.

I'm dreaming of paint colors and shelves and tile.... and of our own memories to come. Our first Christmas as a married couple, dinner parties with friends, family visits, and one day... a new life. :)

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