Saturday, January 28, 2012

7 Months of Wedded Bliss and Busted Lips

In the seven months we've been married, Blake has busted my lip twice. I have punched him in the nose during the middle of the night once. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! 

Our first few months of marriage were the most difficult months I've endured in a long time. If you read my blog during those months, I'm sorry. It was depressing. Life was tough. Not only was I trying to figure out this whole married-life thing, but we were in post-tornado trauma and the job hunt was exhausting. 

But now, we're here. Seven months of figuring each other out, learning to trust in God's sovereignty, dividing up chores, paying bills, making a home. Despite the rough start, it's been worth every minute. I finally have a job (which I LOVE!) and Blake is continually being offered opportunities to advance in his field. We have found a new church home are jumping right in. And we're planning our first vacation!

I am so grateful to God for taking us through those times of desperation. It is because of the desert that we appreciate the Promised Land. It is because of the rain that we appreciate the rainbow. It is because of the heartache that we appreciate the healing. 

Not much scares me now. I think I've been through just about everything a person can experience in 26 years. Whatever God has for us, I am ready. I'm prepared. And I think that was His intention all along. 

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