Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Reading

So I finally finished Catching Fire last night. It took me about two hours to finish fifty pages, mainly because I was simultaneously having a text-fest with my husband (who was not at home, we're not that weird) and watching a House Hunters International marathon. I read The Hunger Games in just a matter of days, so I was surprised that it took nearly two weeks to finish the second book.

The first book was a nail-biter... #2, notsomuch. There were a handful of parts where I just HAD to keep reading, but it was easier to put down than the first. I'm going to try to read Mockingjay within two weeks (if not sooner) because I have another book I am dying to read: my new Roald Dahl biography! Blake got it for me for Christmas since I read James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Magic Finger back-to-back in the fall. I found out that Dahl also wrote adult fiction, so I got one of those books, too. It's #2 on my to-read list (after the biography!).

I find it funny that I have been so interested in fiction lately. For so long, I only read non-fiction. I still love non-fiction, but I am having so much fun discovering all of these juvenile fiction books that are just sooooo good. Juvenile fiction leaves out the sex and foul language that so often plagues adult fiction. Plus, I love a good dystopia and juvenile fiction books have plenty of dystopian offerings. The Giver, The Last Book in the Universe, Tangerine, The House of Power... you get the idea. They're all great reads.

Anyhoo... there's my two cents on books.

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