Saturday, January 14, 2012

Date Night

As we ate our ridiculously expensive meal (with a little help from Groupon) last night, I wondered if this would be the type of experience sacrificed when our family begins to grow. Flowers waiting on me when I got home from work, dressing up, pricey dinners, glasses of wine that cost as much as an entire bottle at Publix, delicious dinner, intelligent conversation, strawberry creme brulee... and for no other reason except that we wanted a date night that didn't include a free trip to Barnes and Noble.  

It's no question that I have always wanted to have kids - and lots of them, for that matter. But I have also always wanted to travel, to sample fine cuisine, to see art and plays and history, to enjoy some of the finer things in life. Not that I am some stuffy frou-frou kind of person (obviously not!), but I enjoy those things. I also love Chik-fil-A and board games. I want a little of both worlds: down-home and up-town. But I can't help but think times like last night will be few and far between once little Ball #1 comes along.

I'm sure that once a baby is placed in my arms, I won't care too much about what I want. I'm sure the sacrifices will come easily. I just can't imagine it now.


  1. Argh! I had a whole comment typed out, and apparently your blog ate it.

    It definitely is more of a challenge to find time for me and Bobby now that Noah's in the picture. We are still working through it. But you will have a leg up with having so much family in the area. It makes it easier to plan date nights when you know you have some options for someone to watch the kiddo.

    And having a kid IS a lot of fun, especially now that Noah's to the age where he's interacting a lot more. Parenthood comes with its own set of challenges, but I think you will love it when the time comes. :)

  2. George and I have date night almost every single week. We are lucky that we do have lots of family that want to spend time with the kids, but even if we didnt we would still go at least every other week and hire a babysitter. It has been so wonderful for our marriage. But when you have kids, I think going to Barnes & Noble for coffee and book/magazine browsing will be considered quite fancy on some nights! But my favorite fancy date we do is going to either Desperados (have you been there? amazing!) or driving up to the Summit :)

  3. Kristy - I can't lie, I DO love a good old fashioned trip to Barnes & Noble - and sometimes we have driven to the Summit or Patton Creek just for a special trip!! Hah! I have only ever had dessert from Desperado's.... we will have to try it!