Friday, January 2, 2015

Revisiting Resolutions

It's just not me to skip out on the New Year's resolution deal. So much of my goal-oriented nature thrives on putting my hopes and dreams on paper. So I would be kidding if I said 2015 doesn't need any resolutions!!!

Let me see how 2014's resolutions played out.

1. Fold, hang, and put away laundry IMMEDIATELY after the clothes are finished drying! (Or do my best!) Basically... no more piles and piles of clean clothes that are folded and laid out but still sitting around because I'm too lazy to put them away.

Hahahahahahahahahaha ha ha ha. That was a good joke. {Needless to say, that did not happen.}

2. Spend money on things that MATTER and on things that LAST. 

This is a resolution I am still working on. I know it sounds silly, but part of growing older means you have to start buying things for long-term. Like... furniture, bedding, cars, 403b's and 529 plans. We are learning how to manage our money (and on a grad student's income, no less!) so that we make wise choices with what we have. I am a not-so-secret accountant wannabe so I'm always evaluating our budget and looking for ways to get the most value out of our dollar. {Such. A. Nerd.}

3. Take back my mornings! Having a baby means a lot of sleepless nights which means a lot of sleeping 'til the last minute. Now that Maleah is consistent with her sleep, I want to take back my mornings. Get up when I'm "supposed" to, do my quiet time, start to get ready... do what I can before she wakes so I can spend a little time with her before work!

Now this is something I have had great success with!!! While it doesn't happen every morning, I have been able to get up and have some "me" time before everyone else wakes up. {I'm doing it right now, as a matter of fact!} I'll have to write another day about how becoming a wife & mother change your "spiritual life". I have learned a lot about God's grace in this area since becoming a mom!

4. ENJOY SUMMER! The past few summers have not be terribly enjoyable for me. 2011 was spent rebuilding a house. 2012 was spent pregnant and sick. 2013 was spent with a baby too little to endure the Alabama heat. I hope this year we can spend more time outside, at the pool, enjoying nature with our girl!

We did enjoy summer! We spent a lot of evenings in the back yard, went to the beach in June and September, went on lots of walks, went to the park. It was so nice to be able to play during the summer!

5. Read more! I want to really get back to reading for fun! Magazines, novels, kid's books... read, read, read!

I have read a lot this year! Just not any books for adults... haha! But, just like reclaiming my mornings, I realize this is just a season and that while I really enjoy reading for pleasure, it's just not a priority to me right now. Right now, the only time I really have to read books is just before bedtime. Reading at night makes me sleepy, so I can barely finish a few pages which means it takes me forever to finish a book. So I have just decided not to burden myself with it! I have, however, been reading PLENTY of books with Maleah which I think is way more important!!! We read at least two books before she goes to bed. It is my absolute favorite time of day!

So... what resolutions do I have for 2015? I'm going to be very specific this year!

1. Pay off our car.

We are in the final stretch of paying off my Corolla and I'm hoping we can pay it off by April or May!!!

2. Create a capsule wardrobe for each season. 

This is a project I am really looking forward to!!! As I gear up to turn 30, I'm learning how to dress my "adult" self and it's  harder than I thought! I'm learning what styles I really like, how to stretch my budget but still invest in long-lasting pieces, and how to make a few pieces work for several outfits. I'm really excited about getting started with this!

3. Finish the requirements to maintain my teaching license

I only have one class to go to meet the requirements to renew my license! My certificate does not actually expire until 2016 so I will have to wait until then to actually submit the paperwork, but I will have the coursework out of the way which is great!

4. Take the GRE. 

AGH! I am not really looking forward to this. Since Blake will be graduating soon {hopefully}, I don't really know what's in the future for me. Depending on where we move, I may go to grad school at first instead of going back to work. Since your GRE score is good for 5 years, I thought this year would be a great time to study for it and take it so that I'll have it out of the way. 

5. Take more time to spend with family. 

A few months ago, I realized we hadn't even been to Muscle Shoals to visit Blake's family since Christmas 2013! We have seen them and spent plenty of time with them, but we haven't been up to visit. We also have not been to Ralph very often. There's lots of reasons why... exhaustion being pretty high on the list. But as we have spent time with our families since Thanksgiving, I realize that being with them actually helps me unwind and feel more refreshed! So we are going to make it a priority to visit our families more often!

Most importantly this year, I am choosing JOY. I have really let the realities of adult life wear me down this past year and I just can't do that anymore! I can't live by "what if's" - I need to live more by "why not!?". We just have this one life! This one chance to live, to minister to other people (something I would like to do more this year but it seems trite to make it a resolution), to make a difference in this world. And I can't do anything like that if I am living in fear of the unknown. 

Happy new year! Here's to a great 2015!!! (I'M GONNA BE THIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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