Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe: Winter Wonder-drobe aka Winter Wardrobe

I started considering trying out a Capsule Wardrobe back in September. The concept is that you have only a select number of items in your closet to wear for a specified amount of time. You strategically build your wardrobe so that you can build several varied outfits from only that allotment of clothes. You choose colors that work well together, styles that work well together, and have a heavy dose of neutrals to balance everything out. From what I have read, most people who do the capsule wardrobe stick to under 40 pieces. 

I wasn't quite ready to do that in September because, honestly, I didn't have enough to work with! So I have spent the past few months cleaning out my closet, purchasing new clothes, and gearing up to take the plunge!

I also spent the past three months really thinking about what types of clothes I enjoy wearing and what kind of rules I wanted to adhere to. The Capsule Wardrobe blog I follow most closely is Un-Fancy and she only does 37 pieces. As a full-time working mom, I am not sure 37 pieces is right for me. So what I decided to do this time is not worry about a number, but rather choose the things I absolutely love the most in my wardrobe (and wear the most often) and go with those. And I ended up with a pretty well-rounded number!!!

FIFTY! Fifty pieces of clothes. When you say that... it seems excessive! Fifty pieces of clothing sounds like SO MUCH. And it is SO MUCH. That's part of what this "experiment" is about - remembering that more is not always better... more is just noisier. I want to enjoy what I have rather than feel this constant need to acquire more. Y'all, yesterday I took 4 boxes of clothes to the thrift store. And we took 4 garbage bag fulls back in September. That is just craziness. Some of the things I let go of, I have had for at least 8 years and HAVE NOT WORN anytime this decade! Just ridiculous.

What I have realized over the past few months is that, while I had a TON of clothes, I mostly stuck to the things that I have on my list. I have been wearing a capsule wardrobe anyway, so why not go ahead and give what I am not using to someone who needs it. 

I want to show you the clothes I have chosen... but first let me share the rules I have set for myself:

1. I have the fifty pieces and no more. I will buy no more clothes for winter. Anything I buy during the next three months will be for my spring capsule.
2. I can buy and add in accessories - scarves, socks, jewelry, & belts. (But not in abundance!)
3. My capsule does not include undershirts/camisoles, exercise wear, lounge wear (only to be worn at home!), purses, or special occasion clothes (rain jackets, business jacket, outdoor gear, etc.). 
4. I will keep track of the various outfits I create and, at the end of the capsule period, I will select which items should be "retired" and which ones to keep. 
5. This capsule wardrobe will last January 1 through March 1. *NOTE: should we have an early spring (doubtful), I may rotate a few long-sleeve tops to have some short-sleeve options. **NOTE NOTE: I want to do 3 month capsules, but since spring usually starts in March in Alabama, I'll just do a winter wardrobe for January & February. Then I'll do 3 month stints the rest of the year (and start my 2016 winter wardrobe in December 2015. I just wasn't quite ready this December!). 

So... without further adieu, let me break down my winter wardrobe for you... in fifty pieces! In the coming days, I will be posting awkward pics of my clothes (because I am not super cool with a super cool camera and super cool Photoshop) and of my outfits!

4 dress pants
2 jeans
3 skirts
1 pair of amazing leggings 
3 dresses
18 tops
4 sweaters
1 cardigan (How do I only have 1 that I like!?)
10 shoes
2 vests
1 coat
1 blue jean jacket
= 50 pieces!

And that, my friends, is your introduction to my capsule wardrobe! I'm sorry there aren't pictures... I'll work on that!!!

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