Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Wardrobe Update

I'm officially 19 days into my Capsule Wardrobe and so far, so good!!! I really wish I could give you a photo run-down of everything that's in my closet, but... I don't have the skills, the time, the energy, or the patience. Sorry! Maybe next week. Or next month. Or next lifetime. Seriously, though, I am trying to work on that for the Spring Capsule (which will start March 1).  But... I *have* been a little better about taking pictures of my outfits this week! 

The past two weeks have had crazy weather. One week it was bitterly cold. Then this past week, we had very mild weather. Definitely makes it challenging to dress appropriately! One thing I've found that helps is that the sweaters I own are quite light. Most of them are comfortable enough to wear even in 55-60 degree weather. And, on the days when it is super cold, I can either wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath or add a vest or my handy dandy denim jacket on top.

Something surprising I have learned this week is that even 50 pieces in my wardrobe is too much. Seriously. I really thought I was pushing myself with only 50 items, but there are things in my current capsule I don't even think I will wear during the next six weeks. I am actually going to pull a few more things and put to the side to see how few items I can actually manage during the time frame. I might even shoot for 40 pieces in my spring capsule!

The key is having several pieces that are very versatile. It can, of course, get boring to wear the same outfits all the time. But that is the point of this capsule wardrobe - you may have a limited selection of pieces, but because your pieces "go" together, you can work and re-work them multiple ways so that you wear them differently every time. 

My last little point this week is about color... for so long, I have felt like I needed to have something in just about every color to have a diverse wardrobe. I even bought tops in colors I hated (like yellow) simply because I felt like I needed to have them to complete my wardrobe. But, what I have found is that there are colors I'm really more drawn to and who cares if I wear them a lot!? And, I'm learning to put new colors together so that more of my outfits can go together. Orchid and navy? Would've probably never really tried it had I not done this capsule wardrobe. One of my favorite outfits this past week was a simple orchid stretch turtleneck with my navy faux-leather vest. So simple! I've really felt stretched the past two weeks branching out of my comfort zone, but so far... I'm feeling great about this project!!!

Without further adieu, here are a few outfits from the past week. Sorry if you follow me on Instagram and have seen these already!

Above: This is what I wore last Saturday to run errands. When I go out on Saturday mornings, I usually have not fixed my hair and I don't wear makeup. So wearing something a little more pulled together helped me feel... well... pulled together. Also, this was so comfortable! I hate you can't see the detail of the shirt - it's actually a baby pink thermal tee with some gold glittery flecks in it. Really cute!

Maleah gets her own spot in this post! I'm trying to pull my Capsule Wardrobe project into Maleah-land. It's hard because baby clothes are so cute and usually I can find "justifiable" deals. But, I'm really going to try to reign in my spending on her spring wardrobe. One of my favorite websites for her is Southern Tots. I would explain it to you here, but they do a much better job! This little outfit was $19 plus $6 for the monogram. NOT BAD AT ALL! Especially considering the pants can be worn with multiple outfits and the top will most likely still fit her next year! (And yes I have already let my child wear a Valentine's Day outfit!)

Okay, back to awkward me. This outfit was one of my favorites this week. Again, iPhone photos aren't great for capturing detail. The tunic is a a teal sweater tunic that's very form-fitting. I LOVE wearing it! And, again, the denim jacket... it's my comfort item. Teal is definitely becoming one of my staple colors. A lot of blue tones do not look good on me, but teal... teal hits the spot!

Hi, it's the black & white striped tunic again! I mentioned on my IG that I really feel like different shoes (cognac leather booties) would make this outfit pop. I almost bought some during the fall, but I'd already purchased 2 new pairs of shoes (the boots you see in the top picture and my black leather booties) and decided to wait on another new pair. But, even though I feel like this outfit is a little lacking, it is still a favorite.  Also, Maleah is wearing an outfit made by a lady from Facebook - Sew Adorable. Look her up. The ENTIRE outfit was $25. You cannot beat that.

That's all for me tonight! 

Until next time...

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