Saturday, January 3, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Day #1 & Stitch Fix #1

Yesterday was a REALLY exciting day! I kicked off my capsule wardrobe with my first outfit of 2015 (I stayed in my PJs all day on the 1st, so that didn't count as an outfit!) AND my very first Stitch Fix box arrived!

Now, I am already disappointed in myself because I'm totally breaking bending a rule on the first day. But, to be fair, I kinda forgot my Stitch Fix box was coming! I set it up to come every other month, so when I scheduled it I wasn't really paying attention to the date. I'll set it to come again next month (instead of in March) so that whatever I purchase can go to my spring wardrobe. So... now that I've made my excuses... here goes the recap...

**BUT WAIT... lemme just say this - 1) We are using an iPhone, here. No fancy camera or equipment. And I'm not a model, so sorry for the lack of Anthro-esque photos. 2) We have like zero blank walls with good lighting, so in addition to pics of me awkwardly posing in outfits, you get a mini house tour!**

Up first is my inaugural Winter Capsule Wardrobe of 2015 ensemble. Look, I'm not going to be posting outfits every day so don't get your leggings in a bunch, okay? But it's THE FIRST DAY. I'm required by Social Media Law to post. When I do post, I want to give you an idea of where my items came from as well as the price but I'm not linking to every store or giving you look-a-likes if something I own is out of stock. As they say, I ain't got time for that. I'm just trying to give a real world view into building a wardrobe on a grad-student's-wife-and-toddler-mom's budget. 

This outfit is fo sho going to be a favorite in the coming weeks. The tunic came from James & Alma in Florence. It was a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law and was under $35. I love that it can be worn comfortably with leggings and flats or spruced up with tights and black booties! I have big plans for these here stripes! :) The leggings are my favorite ever - Lou & Grey from Ann Taylor Loft (usually $25, I got them 50% off - go me!). The belt is from Target ($17). And the shoes are Buddha black flats with a bow on the toe that you can't see because I'm wearing black socks because it was cold and rainy........ (shoes from Belk, 2012 - probably $50). 

I wore this outfit to CHOM with Maleah and it was so comfortable! The tunic is really stretchy and obviously leggings are like wearing pajamas! It was a really practical, cute outfit that you'll probably be seeing a lot more of. Ideally I would like a shoe that isn't black, but I don't have a ton of shoe options this go 'round... more on that in a later post.

Moving right along... let's talk STITCH FIX! Y'all. Two things real quick: 

1. Forgot it was coming so it was a total surprise!
2. EVERYTHING fit. THAT. NEVER. HAPPENS. I am short! I am petite! It is hard to find clothes that fit! But everything fit. It was amazing. The jeans were cut perfect for me... THAT NEVER HAPPENS! NEVER NEVER NEVER! Hope I got my point across!

Pieces 1 & 2: 

Ignore my hair... I napped on it before I took this picture. Also ignore the fact that I'm wearing the jeans. They were too comfy to take off:)

Oooooh, this navy & white dress (belt included) has me swooning! I am a sucker for polka dots. I love the fitted top and flouncy skirt too! This is something that could be worn a hundred ways. The material is very stretchy and comfortable - I could totally see myself wearing this while toting my kid around! It is really hard to find dresses that are made for moms to wear when they're actually with their kids, but this one hits the mark. It was the priciest item - $118 - but I thought that was very reasonable. I decided against keeping it because the pattern is too much of a repeat of what I already have in my wardrobe (hence the reason I love it... it is exactly what I would pick!). Oh! And, there is a gold zipper on the back that goes from the neck to the waist. So stinking cute. 

As for the necklace, I loved it! Me heart cranberry. :) But for $42, I just don't really need it. I want to wait to get some lighter colored jewelry for spring.

Pieces 3 & 4: 

What you see here is the perfect outfit for me. First, the top. It's actually a really lightweight knit material and feels like a super light, stretchy sweater. I love the heathered grey with the black stripe. Even though it seems very "me," I probably would not have tried this on at a store - it just seems too basic and I wasn't sure about the stripes on the arms. But, I'm glad I tried it on because I am keeping it {$48}! :) My style cards also showed this top being worn {tucked in} with a pencil skirt... WHICH I OWN. Boom, already have two outfits with one top.

And the jeans... THE JEANS. Y'all. They fit. Did I mention that never happens!? They fit perfectly. And they are SO COMFORTABLE! Almost as comfortable as leggings, which is really dangerous. I loved that they are faded black... apparently that is very "in" right now {at least that's what the young people tell me}. They run $88 - not bad for a good pair of jeans - but I just bought a pair of black jeans last month. I don't see me needing more than that right now!

The shoes are mine... Madden Girl black booties

Piece 5: 

There are two pieces of outerwear I love dearly in this world: Vests and all things quilted. So hellllloooooo amazing quilted-faux-leather-navy-blue vest!!!! Blake says I did back flips when I it. Not true, but if I could do back flips, I would have!!! I have been craving something with a leather look but haven't found anything I really liked... until Stitch Fix sent me this vest!!! I love the quilted pattern and gold zipper details. The sides have fabric panels that add just a little bit of "I'm not a biker chick". I was hesitant to keep this, but at the insistence of my husband (seriously, he talked me into it), I am keeping it. It's $78 - well worth it for something I did imaginary back flips for! 

So... I mentioned above that I'm bending one of my rules. I said I was not going to buy anymore clothes to add to my winter wardrobe. But I really forgot about my Stitch Fix box coming and I assumed my first box wouldn't have anything I liked anyway. So, no, I am not going to add to my wardrobe. I'm just going to switch out some items. I actually have a top and a vest that were in my plans that I'm going to switch out with these new pieces.

Both pieces I'm "retiring" have been around a while and I was going to let go of them anyway at the end of this season (the poor vest is getting strange stains I can't even identify!). So, I'll just do it sooner! I am going to keep the top in my transition box (for those "heftier" seasons of life) and the vest I will keep in an outerwear capsule for vacations and in case of the 48 hours Alabama might actually have snow (it's a really warm vest!). 

In my next post, I will outline in more detail what I have in this season's capsule. I would love to give you a photo gallery of everything that's in it, but... LIFE y'all. You'll just have to see it as it comes!


  1. Great start, it is exciting no? Love the striped dress, it is such a versatile piece.
    Lake&Moon Winter Capsule wardrobe

    1. Thanks! Sorry, I am just seeing this! Long week back at work!

      I'm really excited about getting my next fix - it's coming in a few weeks!

  2. Such great pieces - love your choices!! New follower, I noticed that you are from Tuscaloosa ... ROLL TIDE! :)

    1. Roll Tide!!!! Sorry I am just now seeing your comment! :)

      I am super excited about working on my wardrobe this year... trying to get better at taking pictures!