Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For the Heck of It

Nothing monumental to report... just a series of updates.

- SUMMER FUN: I made sandwich bag ice cream with 13 2nd graders yesterday. SO MUCH FUN! We read Ice Cream: The Full Scoop by Gail Gibbons, and then went outside to shake up some yummy ice cream. This is a must this summer with your kiddos if you've never done it before!

- COMPUTER: I would post the adorable pictures from the aforementioned ice cream extravaganza, but my computer is out of memory. That's update #2. My hard drive has around 300 MB of space left... poor Margie (that's the computer's name). I guess five years of photos, music, and school work take up more space than I thought. The plan is to transfer what I need from this hard drive to the external hard drive, sell the laptop, and.... get an iPad!!!!! Better get on it!

- RAPTURE: Apparently the rapture has been rescheduled for October. Sweet.

- JOB: There are still no jobs posted for elementary ed. in Tuscaloosa County. Grrr. In the meantime, though, God is providing just as I knew he would. Blake got hired as a research assistant for a textbook project at UA, which pays pretty well and should take a few years' work. And I am going to be the KidZone intern at Vineyard for the next month! So cool!

- WEDDING: Thirty-two days!!! We had a shower this past Sunday and now I am even MORE excited to get married!! Since we will be living with my mom for a little while after the wedding, most of our "stuff" will have to stay in storage. It makes my heart just a little sad. Every day, I daydream a little about what it will be like to put all of our new things into a home of our own. :) It'll happen. But, until then, I'll swap out the kitchen rugs and the pots and pans and bath towels to make it feel a little more like ours.

- CHEESE: If you follow me on Twitter, you already know this. But, I just want to share with everyone else. Yesterday was not a good day for me and cheese. If you don't know, I am obsessed with cheese. I love it. I especially love a good Feta cheese, which I love to put on a good green salad with almonds and raspberry walnut dressing. We ran out of Feta about two weeks ago, and I have been hesitant to buy more because I was waiting for it to go on sale. Yesterday, there was Feta on sale at Publix. I bought two containers, only to get home and see that I bought FAT FREE FETA! Who in the WORLD likes FAT FREE Feta!?!? Seriously!!!!! It's disgusting. Then, I made this delicious dinner, practically my own recipe (which I NEVER do), and topped it with cheese. As I was putting the cheese on, I noticed it smelled weird - like nasty gym feet. So, I threw it out and used a different bag. I figured the smelly cheese was just beginning to go bad, and that it would be okay. NO IT WAS NOT OKAY! I took a bite of it after it cooked and it was SO gross!!!! Thankfully the cheese was only on the top, so I scraped it off, but... ugh. Lost my appetite.

That is all. Thanks for stopping by!

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