Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update x 3

1. Elaine

For a creature that only weighs a pound, she sure is making a big impact in our family!

The only "problem" we have had is this: I hold her too much! I think I've already spoiled her because I hold her when she's tired and she goes straight to sleep. Sweet, right? I think so, too. Except that I can't always hold her when she wants to sleep. Eventually, summer is going to be gone and I'm going to have things to do other than snuggle a cute kitten!

2. Memorial Day, aka: All-day double date with Ashley & Benji!

To celebrate Memorial Day, Blake and I went on a mini road trip with Ashley & Benji Martin. We drove to Woodville, AL to see the Cathedral Caverns and then went on to Scottsboro to explore another cave of sorts - the Unclaimed Baggage Store.

Cathedral Caverns was AWESOME. I could have stayed in there for days, looking at every nook & cranny in amazement of God's creativity! I love enjoying God's beautiful Earth!

Unclaimed Baggage was.... less than awesome. I don't know if it was the store or our lack of energy or the store's massiveness, but we were all over it after about twenty minutes. I love bargains - but there was just WAY too much to see!! Blake was diligent in his search through the DVDs, though, and found some movies we had been thinking about buying, plus a couple extras. :) Ashley & Benji got a Baby Bjorn carrier! So, it wasn't a total flop!

The best part of the whole thing, though, was hanging out with the Martins! They are such great friends to have and I'm glad to be able to spend time with them. I can't wait until our fifth wheel comes along - and I demand that I get to carry her around in the Baby Bjorn whenever we go somewhere. :)

3. Cooking

I have been cooking up a feast since school has been out. I love to cook so I have been using my free time to find new recipes and try them out on my sweet boyfriend! The latest recipe experiment was a take on Rachel Ray's coconut five-spice chicken. I altered her recipe a bit... I didn't have all the ingredients plus I made it into a stir-fry rather than just the chicken by itself. At first, I don't think Blake liked it very much... but in the end, we both liked it.

So, that's life lately!
Today is a big day, as well. State primaries are today - I'm ready to vote!! And I start my summer internship at Vineyard today - working with Jon, Jon, and Jonathan this summer is going to be very, very, very confusing....

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