Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never Ever Have I Ever

A few weeks ago, our Sunday School class had a game night... and what a revealing night it turned out to be! We started with the ever-popular "Never Ever Have I Ever". You know, the one where you sit in a circle and there's one less chairs than people and the person in the middle says something they've never done and all those who have done the said thing have to get up and switch chairs. (That was a mouthful!) Well... a few things I'd rather not have shared were mentioned... so I thought a blog post about little-known-Katie-facts would be fun!

- I failed Biology 101 at Montevallo. Not because I wasn't smart, mind you. It was because Family Feud came on at the same time and I stayed home to watch it.... a lot. By the time I realized my final grade was in serious jeopardy, it was too late to make any significant difference (and I couldn't drop it). So, I failed the class. The next time I took it, I aced it... as well as all of my other physics/math classes.... and I still got to graduate summa cum laude from UA. :)

- I worked at a fast food restaurant... for like 2 months during high school. A family friend owned the shop and gave me and a couple of friends jobs. It was fun while it lasted!

- I attended 3 Universities on my quest to finish my degree. It went something like this: Shelton State 2003-2005; University of Montevallo 2005-2006 and Jan-Aug 2008; Shelton Fall 2008; UA Jan 2008-2011. Crazy, huh?

- I moved out of my parents' house for the first time when I was in 10th grade. I lived with my cousin Steve to help with his girls and be closer to my school (it was 40 minutes away from my parents' house). It worked out because my dad ended up being hospitalized for 3 months that fall. I moved out again in 12th grade to live with my sister (again, because my high school was so far away). I moved out again in the summer of 2005 to go to Montevallo; back home in 2006 after my dad died; back to Montevallo in 2008 to try to finish my degree there; back home that August because I still hated Montevallo. Then I lived with my mom until I got married... well, and even after I got married... :) 

- I cheated on a French test in high school. It was totally justified. My French teacher was crazy. 

- I got my first tattoo at 19; my second at... 24, I think.

- I have had 4 cars since I turned 16 (Ford Focus, Jeep Cherokee, VW Jetta, and the Corolla).

- My sister is 16 years older than me and YES I was planned. I was my mom's 1984 New Years Resolution. :)

- On my mom's side of the family, I have 13 first cousins and 20something second cousins and this fall, I'll have my very first third cousin!

Well... that's all you get because I have to go take a shower and do laundry so I can watch TLC's My Crazy Obsession... the episode where the big ugly guy is obsessed with pretending to be a baby!!!!!!! :)

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