Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You're Hired!

When I decided to substitute for this school year, I was really going on pure faith. I had no idea if I'd get any calls to sub, I just knew that was what I needed to do. Within 12 hours of putting my information into the sub system, BAM! Phone call. And I have had a job every day since (except today, which is working out nicely since we need to pack!).

Every time I get a job (whether from the sub system or prearranging with teachers I know), I get so excited! The first week or so, I was on Cloud 9. I was in pure disbelief that subbing was working out for me. After so many "no's," it was nice to hear a "yes," even if it wasn't exactly what I imagined I'd be doing this fall. Blake put it this way, "It's like you get hired every day!" That's exactly what it's like... and it feels good! :)

In addition to subbing, I tutor a first-grade girl every day. I pick her up from school and help her with her homework and teach her new skills for about an hour and a half. It's a great experience - even though you don't work one-on-one very often as a classroom teacher, working with her has given me LOTS of ideas for teaching! From ideas for centers to writing projects to vocabulary lessons to extending lessons... it's been great!! And she is so funny. Yesterday I asked her to use the word "often" in a sentence. She thought for a minute (it was obvious she didn't know what the word meant) and then said, "The kids were OFTEN today!!" I said, "Did you mean awful?" ;)

Life has been so hard since April 27, and it's still no walk in the park. But I think we're getting closer to where the Lord wants us to be and we are seeing how following His lead (even when it seems like the CRAZIEST thing!) is the best path. He'll make a way, and we are blessed for the opportunity to trust Him even more. Though outwardly it may not look like we are a huge "success," God is doing great things IN us and THROUGH us during this time. And hey, I asked God for a job and I can't deny that He provided TWO! :)

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