Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mama's Getting Married

It's funny to think that my mom is getting married in two days. Not many people can say that they've had the pleasure of watching their mama date, fall in love, get engaged, get married, go on a honeymoon, and live life as a newlywed. And I bet even fewer get to say they got to go through being a newlywed along with their mamas. I get to do that. :)

We went to lunch after church on September 13, 2009. It was a typical mother-daughter lunch: I was blabbing about teaching, she paid for Panera. ;) I gabbed and gabbed about school, and then out of nowhere, she dropped a bomb on me - "Well... I went on a date last night." I immediately fussed at her for not telling me this sooner!!! She told me his name was Fred, and that they had a good time. I could tell she was smitten. And then something strange happened - suddenly, I felt this surge of worry and concern for her heart. I was happy for her and wanted her to enjoy spending time with someone, but I didn't want to see her heart get broken.

Thankfully, her heart didn't get broken. Fred turned out to be AWESOME and I love him!! He fit right in to our little family and has changed my mom's life for the better. I love seeing them together and I love knowing that she is taken care of. And being able to give your mom wedding advice is pretty hysterical. :)

So, on their 2nd dating anniversary (Monday night), mom and Fred will tie the knot. Mom will be Mary Kathryn Kirby and Fred will officially be my Dad #2. I don't really like the term "step-dad" so I need to come up with something better. How about... my step-Fred? Or just My Fred. I do love him so.

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