Friday, March 18, 2011

Tuna Two Ways

Several months ago, I stood back and watched Blake make himself a tuna salad sandwich. He spooned the prepared cold salad onto two pieces of mayo-lathered white bread. I was in shock. This is not how I make tuna salad sandwiches, and certainly not the way I eat tuna salad sandwiches. I actually prefer my tuna salad hot with melted cheddar cheese on top. I either toast my wheat bread, or I scoop dollops of tuna salad on top of wheat thins and melt them in the microwave.

For months, I had been making his tuna salad sandwiches my way, and he willfully ate them without hesitation. But, once I discovered how he preferred his sandwiches, I felt a bit disappointed that I hadn't known sooner. This silly and seemingly insignificant detail led to a hefty conversation about honesty; a conversation neither of us anticipated.

The conversation simply revolved around knowing one another. I would have hated to find out about the tuna salad deal forty years from now, after making countless tuna salad sandwiches for my hardworking husband. I would have been living a lie... making him sandwich after sandwich, only to find that he preferred something different. This is just tuna salad, but there's a bigger picture attached.

I have to thank tuna salad for strengthening our relationship that day. Since then, we have been bound by honesty and make a point to speak truth in love to one another in order to live in truth with one another.

We like our tuna salad two totally different ways, and now we enjoy them two totally different ways every time. I love that.

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