Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby Ball: Week 33

Today was my last of the "regular" visits... our upcoming appointments will tell us if we're getting anywhere remotely close to having a baby! (I mean, I guess the calendar can tell us that, too!?) Today's appointment was super quick - I've learned that 9 am is the first appointment for the doctors, so I was in and out in under an hour today!

Weight Gained: +0 pounds... yeah that part kinda made me mad considering I have been trying to eat as much as I can!

Belly Measurement: 32 cm

Maleah's Heart Rate: 141

Other things going on over the last two weeks:

Movement: Apparently I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions and wasn't really aware that's what they were. They aren't painful, but over the past week they've become stronger - so much so that it can be uncomfortable to walk when it's happening.

Symptoms: I've really lost my appetite, for the most part. I get hungry, but I just don't want to eat. I do anyway, of course, but it's become a chore rather than somethign I look forward to. We've been eating out a lot more simply because it's depressing to cook something that you don't even want to eat! I've been taking Tylenol PM more regularly at night to help me sleep and it makes a huge difference. I hate taking something like that regularly, but I need sleep!

Cravings: Ice! It makes me wonder if my iron may be a little low because I know I have craved ice before when I've had anemia, but I think it is just fun to eat. Since nothing really tastes great, I know that ice will give me the crunch I'm looking for without having any flavor. Milk is also high on my list... although I'm not sure if I'm craving it or if I just know it will add calories and substance!

Aversions:  Everything? Okay, not really! The only thing I really can't stomach is still Italian food.

Prepping for Baby: We had another shower over the weekend and received some really awesome gifts!! It was fun to go home and sort through everything and put some of her clothes away. I'll probably go ahead and wash her newborn size and some 0-3 month size clothes over Christmas break. Haven't made any real progress in her nursery, although I did finally buy a picture frame to put this really cute art in:

I'm learning that what everyone says is true - the last weeks of pregnancy are as hard as the first. At first, every little symptom or tinge of pain or strange feeling make you wonder if the baby is still okay. There's discomfort because your body is rapidly changing and, of course, there's the excitement of it all! Now every little thing makes me wonder if I'm going into labor or if I've somehow hurt the baby or if she's turned the "right" way. The discomfort is back and more intense. And there's the excitement of an impending arrival, but you try hard to not wish the time away!! It's a funny cycle and I'm so glad to know this phase of pregnancy ends with a tiny little girl in my arms. :)

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