Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby Ball: Week 32

Friday was my most recent appointment and I forgot to do my little update, so... here we go:

Weight Gained: +4 pounds (16 total) - I gained FOUR POUNDS in TWO WEEKS! I rock. I have to mention here that I'm finally to the point where most of my non-maternity clothes no longer fit (including t-shirts that were formerly baggy!) and I've even grown out of some of my maternity clothes. Last night I was pouting because I am sick of not being able to fit into anything and with only 8 1/2 weeks to go, I refuse to buy anything else!! But, I'm glad I made it this far with what I have... just prepare to see the same outfits over and over for the next two months!

Belly Measurement: 30 cm

Maleah's Heart Rate: 139

Other things going on over the last four weeks:

Movement: I can finally detect specific body parts, although I'm not always 100% sure I'm right. She's been pushing and poking and kicking a lot the past few days. The other day, I pretty much had her mapped out - head down, back to my left side, feet/legs kicking my upper right side. It's what they call LOA - Left Occiput Anterior - known as the ideal position for delivery. Today, I have no clue exactly how she's positioned. A couple of nights ago, her body was literally stretched across my stomach (transverse) - head to the left, legs/feet to the right. It was the most uncomfortable feeling! I'm hoping she'll eventually stay in that head-down position.

Symptoms: Oh, this is the part where I really don't want to complain. Pregnancy is an incredible experience and I am thankful for every bit of it... every ache and pain, every poke and jab, and every sleepless night. It is a beautiful time and it is exciting, but it is taxing on the body - moreso than I ever imagined. My back and hips are what are giving me the most trouble. I've been taking Tylenol regularly, but I can only take so much so it's been tough. I know I won't feel this way forever so I'm just trying to take it easy and relax a bit! Some other weird symptoms: feeling either extremely full or extremely hungry (I guess it depends on whether or not little miss is pushing on my stomach!?), forgetfulness (thanks to restless nights), BEING RIDICULOUSLY HOT (thank God it's not July!!!), and finally... SWELLING. It's not bad, just enough to have to take off my rings and put my feet up at night.

Cravings: So my sweet tooth decided to come back over the past few weeks... I have been consuming a ridiculous amount of cookies and dark chocolate! Woo hoo!

Aversions:  Italian food... the past couple of times I have eaten it, it has not been friendly with my stomach. So, no more spaghetti for a while!

Prepping for Baby: We bought some clothes on the cheap during the Black Friday sales, although trying to buy for a baby who isn't born yet stresses me out. I don't know how much we need of what sizes, so I just got a little of everything when the price was right. I scored a few outfits for around $2/each! We also have three showers coming up, so I'm sure she'll get some more clothes in the near future! We haven't worked in her room for a while, but I'll get back to that next week. I'd like to have her nursery finished during Christmas break (I'm off Dec. 22 - Jan. 2)!

Funny/Pathetic Story: Warning - this story involves puke. Last week, I experienced my most pathetic pregnant moment. I woke up around 3am unable to fall back asleep thanks to my hurting hips. I tossed and turned for half an hour and finally decided to go take a Benadryl. Soon after I took the Benadryl, I started feeling sick to my stomach. I wrote it off and just tried to fall asleep. I tried to wake Blake up a few times, but he was in a deep sleep (lucky him). The next thing I knew, he was asking me what was wrong and I bolted out of bed and ran/waddled quickly to the bathroom. Up came my dinner (spaghetti; see above)... all of it. Blake got up and I could hear him getting me a wet washcloth (I don't know, I just always want one...). I closed the toilet lid, laid my head down on the lid and just started to cry. It was awful!! I remembered thinking, I am NEVER getting pregnant ever again! I went back to sleep pretty quickly after throwing up and had a better night's sleep the following night. I'm so thankful to have a supportive husband who is there for me even in the grossest moments!!

That's about all... now that we're getting closer to the end (8 1/2 weeks or less!) I'm not sure how regularly I'll be doing these updates - I guess just whenever I feel like it! It's my blog and I'll blog if I want to. :)

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