Sunday, April 22, 2012

Strange Events of #504

There have been some strange things happening in apartment #504 lately. Probably because we watched Paranormal Activity 2 last weekend. But they're happening and we can't explain them.

- Finally got a replacement for our ginormous coffee table. Moved the old coffee table into the office (aka room full of crap - wait, that's gonna be a funny line after you read what happens) until we could take it to my mom's for storage. The office is Elaine's room. She uses it more than anyone in this little apartment because her litter box is in there. So she scoped out the new furniture and then got so mad we moved it in there that she pooped on the floor.

- I brought a dead snapdragon back to life.

- I had a dream that I moved in with our weird neighbor so we could save some money AND have granite countertops.

- My car is messier than Blake's. (That's a HUGE mystery.)

- When we moved the aforementioned coffee table, I noticed a small pee stain (or some sort of neon yellow stain) where the table had been. This coffee table had a bottom shelf only about 1-2 inches from the ground....

- I folded a load of laundry (two, actually) IMMEDIATELY after the drier went off. It was like I had ESP or something and just KNEW when it was done (our drier doesn't have a buzzer).

- I noticed two roach legs in between our washing machine and the wall. Just the legs... no bug. That's got to be some sort of omen.

-  Finally, our garbage disposal started leaking last weekend and the maintenance man REPLACED it with a brand new one this week. I mean, when do you get a BRAND NEW garbage disposal when you live in an apartment!? :)

I hope someone can explain the phenomena happening at our apartment. Maybe it's just our imaginations...

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