Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tough Week

Although it started with an off day, this week has been tough! I picked up Arnold around 1:30 Monday from the vet and shelled out a few hundred bucks for his weekend visit. Then, it was back to work on Tuesday... where I have been.... uhhh.... less-than-motivated. I also have a huge ulcer in my mouth that has been killing me since the weekend. I put a "Canker Cover" on it last night and now my whole lip is swollen. I also have a major headache. Yesterday, I accidentally listened to three chapters of Leviticus that I have already listened to (to keep up with our Bible reading plan)... The laundry basket continues to appear full although I have literally done AT LEAST eight loads of laundry since Friday!!!! Granted, I had to wash Arnold's blankets twice because he puked on them, but still... I don't even feel like we've made a dent in the dirty clothes.

But you know what IS great about this week? It's almost over.

Anyone else having a rough go of this week??

1 comment:

  1. Yes! And I even had an extra day off for Mardi Gras break. This week needs to just be over already!