Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm a believer...

If I had written about this topic two months ago, this post would read much differently. But, I have since converted in my beliefs and am now a full-fledged promoter and believer. Frequently ridiculed and riddled with hype brought on by celebrities and the cast of Jersylicious, this fashion-meets-comfort invention will live no longer in my book of HECK NO's. Instead, I will wear them proudly and with confidence... Yes, I am talking about...


Don't hate. I'm serious. And let's just make it clear that I am NOT referring to the jeggings as modeled by Conan O'Brien:I still do not believe in the cotton yoga-type pants painted to look like jeans. Those are still ugly and I vow to protest them until my dying day. Some jeggings are actually made of blue jean material mixed with heavy dose of Spandex. Those are the kind I'm talking about.

Now that we've got that straight... I thought jeggins were the dumbest thing ever until I saw my cousins Holly and Sescily wearing them. They looked and felt like blue jeans.... just more form-fitting. So, after weeks of debating, I got a pair....

And - OH - MY - GOSH! I have never worn maternity pants, but I assume these jeggings are the non-preggers girls' answer to maternity pants. Can we say: ELASTIC WAISTBAND!? Seriously! They look like jeans, feel like jeans, and wear like jeans... but they are as comfortable as yoga pants! I'm a believer. At least, for the time being. I am sure that in about two years, I will renounce jeggings. But, until then, I will wear them proudly and confidently... and comfortably.

In other news:

1. I am FINALLY ordering my wedding veil today! It has been the ONLY thing I have been extremely particular about and I finally found one that has the look AND price that fits me best.

2. We put a bell on Elaine's collar in hopes that the poor birds will hear her coming and be able to fly away quickly! So far, she's not killed any birds since adding the bell. I am hoping the bell is doing the trick, not the yucky weather! I did find a dead mouse in the hall this morning, but... I can handle a mouse or two. It's the live birds in my house that I cannot tolerate! Elaine has also been much more cuddly lately... sleeping in my bed, letting me hold her more, and just generally being sweeter. Maybe she read my blog post...

3. Teaching first grade is wiping me out! I went to sleep at 7:30 one day this week. But, I have to say that first grade is growing on me. I still think I like teaching fractions and decimals and all that stuff more, but... first grade is definitely not as bad as I imagined. Plus, the kids are so stinking cute! This week had some bumps in the road, but everything worked out for the best. And Blake saved the day on Tuesday by surprising me with a GIANT arrangement of flowers. I'm talking lilies, snapdragons, peach roses, and a big giant hydrangea right in the middle. He rocks.

4. I saved the best for last. Tonight, we are going to see BILL freaking COSBY!!! Can you believe it!?! Barring any bad weather, Blake & I will be in the presence of Bill Cosby in less than twelve hours. Blake is SO excited - Bill is one of his absolute favorite comedians. Can't wait!!

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