Monday, August 3, 2015

Macey: 33 Weeks

I'm now 34 weeks, but... whatev! I wrote this last week, so... there ya go!

Heart Rate: 125-ish ~ This was the first time that the nurse has had a difficult time finding Macey's heart beat. It took several minutes for her to get a good reading. At first, I just shrugged it off because I know babies can "hide" and make it hard to find their heart beat. But after a few minutes of the nurse silently searching, a part of me did get a little scared. I kept thinking,  I KNOW she is in there! She was moving just a little while ago! Thankfully the nurse was able to get a good reading finally and I have been really paying close attention to Macey's movement since. 

Stats: I measured at 33 weeks and have now officially gained TWENTY THREE pounds. I only gained like 26 with Maleah, so.... here's to hoping I can still fit into my maternity clothes in 5 weeks.

Symptoms: I AM SO THIRSTY! All. The. Time. And whatever I drink has to be ICE COLD. My boss tipped me off to a gas station that will let you get FREE CUPS OF PELLET ICE if you bring your own cup. It's my new favorite place!!! I'm definitely starting to feel more tired again, the way I was in the beginning. It's hard to stay up past 9pm (if I even make it that long!) and I'm just generally feeling more worn out. I'm trying to rest up as much as I can and have definitely learned to let some of the "to-do's" (laundry, dusting, and quick trips to Target to name a few...) go in exchange for a few moments of relaxation!

Appetite: Heart burn reared its ugly head a couple of weeks ago. No more spaghetti, pizza, or anything really spicy. So sad!!! I am also at the point where I get full really quickly, so I can't eat a whole lot at a time or I start to feel like Violet Beauregarde. One of my favorite new smoothies is a really simple one - a Breakfast Essentials chocolate packet, 3/4 cup milk, 1/2 frozen banana, and 4-5 ice cubes. Lots of protein and vitamins and it is soooooo cold!!!

Movement: I forgot about how much the baby's movement changes at the end. Macey feels like a little alien in there squirming around! There's a little less thumping around and much, much more wiggling! And she has been getting hiccups a good bit, too! 

Sleeping: Good news! I have had several nights of good sleep recently! By "good," I mean that I'm waking up a little less (3-5 times instead of 6-8), able to fall back asleep quickly, and not as uncomfortable! During week 32, I had the sinus crud and was sleeping terribly. I couldn't breathe and was just completely exhausted. To keep from waking Blake up too much, he slept on the couch. Since I had more room, I played around with my pillows and found a way to stuff them around myself that was quite comfy. Now that the sinus crud is fading away (takes forever to get better when you're pregnant!), the new pillow arrangement is working out quite well!

Looking Forward To: Seeing her in some of these sweet little clothes I've been washing and putting away! 

Loving: BETTER SLEEP!!! I am so grateful to be getting better rest. 

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