Friday, July 17, 2015

Macey: 31 weeks

Heart Rate: 130 something :)

Stats: I measured right on track at 31 weeks and have now gained 18 pounds! 

Symptoms: Everything still hurts. And it is hotter than hot outside. So basically I'm staying inside as much as possible, despite my longing desire to be swimming in an outdoor swimming pool while drinking a cherry limeade with extra ice. 

Appetite: I'm starting to lose my appetite again. Nothing except maybe ice cream and chocolate milk sound really appealing. 

Movement: Lots of wiggles going on! I can tell Macey is getting more cramped because her movements are definitely less forceful and dramatic! 

Sleeping: No change from 29 weeks. I still wake up every 2-3 hours despite every effort to stay asleep. My doctor recommended I eat something with a lot of protein just before bed to help keep from getting hungry during the night. Last night I tried peanut butter, but it made me so thirsty that I had to drink something before bed. Tonight I'm going to try eating a Clif bar and drinking as little milk with it as possible. We'll see. I'm totally aware that sleep is hard to come by in late pregnancy, but I am experiencing MUCH MUCH MUCH more sleep disruption than I ever had with Maleah. (Oh, and it doesn't help that Maleah is sometimes the reason I'm waking up!!!) 

Looking Forward To: Having a baby... for real, though! The closer we get, the more absolutely excited I am to welcome another baby. I love Maleah so much (tearing up now...) that I can't even imagine what it will be like to have two sweet girls calling me Mama (where's the Kleenex?)! We have slowly been accumulating baby items and pulling things out of storage and it's just really sinking in that she's going to be here very soon! 

Loving: My super-fantastic husband. Poor Blake is struggling right along with me, but he is trying so hard to help make these last weeks as comfortable and manageable as possible. He always listens when I go on my rant about how uncomfortable I am, he rubs my back to help me get back to sleep at night, and he takes such good care of Maleah when my body just can't! I am so appreciative that he takes an active role in parenting!!!

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