Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's a...


I can hardly believe it! We are having another little sweetheart in September! We are SO very excited and now the reality of having two kids is starting to FINALLY sink in. Two kids -- two GIRLS!

We are now just over 18 weeks along and things are going well! Just like with Maleah, I'm feeling much better at this point - almost like I could do this a hundred more times! :) Here's a little update about our newest little love!

Our appointment was at 2:45 Monday. We arrived at maybe 2:35 and were literally called back for our ultrasound by 2:43! I was shocked! The baby hadn't moved for a couple of hours so I was afraid it would be asleep, and sure enough the first glimpse we got was of a cute little baby turned toward my back. Thankfully the ultrasound tech was able to get it wiggling and it didn't take long to get "the" shot! As soon as she froze the screen, I knew exactly what it was - a girl! But I waited for the tech to announce it (just in case my diagnostic skills were rusty!). When the tech said "it's a girl," Maleah put on the most hysterical pouty face!!! She was convinced it was a boy!

Blake thought it was a girl all along, so he wasn't surprised! Deep down, I thought this baby was a girl - all my symptoms were identical to my pregnancy with Maleah. Plus I just felt like it was a girl! But, I had a dream it was a boy so I decided to go Team Boy! Guess I should've just stuck with my gut! 

The tech did all the measurements and baby girl measured right on track and looked healthy! It was such a relief to see some of the details God has been knitting together in our precious little one. His design is so intricate and so delicate that it is really astounding to get to see it through the ultrasound machine! All this time, He has been putting together our second sweet girl while we've just been going through life as usual (well, kind of)! Dr. Ray said everything looked great and she's hoping for another healthy pregnancy, baby, and delivery right along with us! 

So... the name. We are naming this baby girl Macey Ellen. Macey is just a name we really love - it's common enough that people know what it is but not overused. And it's cute!!! Ellen is a family name on my mother's side - my great-grand mother was Ellen, my aunt is Ellen Ann, and my cousin is Holly Ellen. I really like family names and have always wanted to name a daughter Ellen. My aunt pointed out that this will make over 100 years of Ellen's! Amazing! I hope Macey loves her name as much as we do!

Heart Rate: All four chambers going strong at 144!

Stats: I have gained 0 pounds in the past two weeks! Oops!!! Actually I realized I still haven't technically gained any weight! I lost 2-3 pounds in the beginning and have put those back on, but I'm still having a hard time getting further than that!  Hopefully a better appetite during this second trimester will do the trick! I did not gain quickly with Maleah but had a super healthy pregnancy (and ended up gaining 25 or so pounds by the end) so I'm not concerned (and neither is my doctor). The tech said Macey is about 7 ounces (I can't remember how long she's supposed to be). So tiny!

Symptoms: Thankfully most of the annoying symptoms are gone (morning sickness, I'm lookin' at you). But now some of the more comical (??) symptoms are appearing. Like a hairy belly. And super blue veins. And pregnancy brain. And sore joints in places where I didn't even know a joint existed.

Appetite: My appetite has been so-so. I still am not eating the fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables that I want to, but they just aren't super appealing! And I'm honestly having a hard time eating enough during the day. I went through this same thing with Maleah... gaining weight shouldn't be so hard! But, then again, puking every day shouldn't be part of your life... so... there's that. Heartburn is also making a comeback so some of my favorite foods - spaghetti and all things spicy - are now followed with a handful of TUMs. I am still craving all things spicy, sour, and salty! Anything with LOTS of flavor sounds good to me.

Movement: Last week, Macey REALLY made her presence known!!! I feel her throughout the day and I just love it! I definitely did not feel Maleah this consistently until I was a few weeks farther along. Blake has even felt her a time or two - but she's super sneaky like her big sister was! As soon as I put his hand on my stomach, she stops moving! The ultrasound shows I have an anterior placenta (meaning it's located on the front instead of the back). Typically an anterior placenta means you don't feel movement as quickly or as forcefully - Macey doesn't seem to let that get in her way! Although now I understand why I can only really feel her on my sides and further down on my stomach. But I'm sure at the rate she's going, that ole placenta will soon be her punching bag and I'll be feeling her all over!

Sleeping: This past week was definitely the week where sleeping comfortably became a problem. My stomach is big enough that I can't get in my magic almost-on-my-stomach position anymore. Boo! But I think I'll be getting a pregnancy pillow soon that will help alleviate some of the discomfort. Though it might mean Blake winds up sleeping on the couch through half of my pregnancy again... 

Looking Forward To: I can't wait until Maleah can really feel Macey moving!!! I tried to get her to feel tonight but since they aren't super strong right now, Maleah didn't totally understand what she was feeling. I'm also looking forward to getting over the sinus crud!!! It is NO fun being pregnant and being sick. 

Loving: Feeling Macey move around and knowing she's healthy. Just like with Maleah, I am definitely trying not to take any of this pregnancy for granted. It's not always easy and means a lot of physical and emotional discomfort at times... but it's such a joy to experience. Now the agonizing five-month wait until Macey's arrival!!!!!

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