Monday, April 27, 2015

Halfway There!

It's a little surreal that we're at the halfway mark for Macey girl! I am 20 weeks and 1 day and WOW are things very different from the halfway mark with Maleah! With that pregnancy, I had already done so much by twenty weeks - 

- picked out bedding
- come up with room decor
- bought clothes
- bought a pack of diapers (just because!)
- had an infant swing at the house (a hand-me-down)
- created three registries
- started reading books about babies
- was sleeping with a pregnancy pillow 

For sweet Macey, here's what we've done so far: 

- bought 4 newborn outfits just for her... on sale... with a coupon...
- looked through one box of Maleah's clothes to see what Macey could wear for her "coming home" outfit
- flipped through one book about babies long enough to remember that babies eat 10-12 (OR MORE!) times a day in the beginning (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

That's it. Poor second kid. I can't imagine if we had a third - it might not get a single thing for itself before it's first birthday! But that's the great thing about having another child of the same sex - we already have most of the necessary baby gear and we have more baby girl clothes than we care to admit. So if you think about it positively, we've been preparing for Macey since 2012! I like the way that sounds!

But, for real, I am starting to get the itch to do something to prepare for her. First on the agenda - move! We are moving in less than two weeks, which is a large reason as to why we haven't done much of anything to prepare for her. When we move, baby stuff will come out of the attic and into a spare bedroom. We'll be able to better plan out the girls' room (they will be sharing once Macey is sleeping through the night). And I'm waiting to get all of Maleah's tiny clothes back from my cousin so I can start organizing the little tiny baby clothes in an effort to stifle unnecessary shopping. :) 

Another big difference in this halfway mark for my pregnancies is that I am pulling the Preggo Card early. With Maleah, it was FULL STEAM AHEAD until about 34 weeks when I realized I should probably take a hint from my aching body and rest more. With this pregnancy, I'm really listening to my body and to my brain and saying "no" when I need to -- and without guilt. Growing a baby is a lot of work!

I'm also really relishing this pregnancy, as it is probably my last. We are really liking the idea of having two kids, two little girls. Only time will tell if this really is it for us, but I'm really embracing pregnancy this time just in case. :) 

In just twenty more weeks or so, we'll be holding another sweet baby girl. I just cannot wait! I have already had three dreams about her! In each dream, she has a head full of dark brown hair... so we'll see if that rings true! In my last dream, she was also a really superb nurser (the complete opposite of her big sister!) - so I'm definitely hoping that's the case this time! 

Regardless of any lack of preparation on our part, we are definitely just as excited about meeting our littlest girl! I can hardly imagine what it will be like to have two sweet girls living in our house. I have so many hopes and dreams for them as the grow up and I just can't wait to get going on our life as a family of four!

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