Monday, March 30, 2015

Baby Ball #2: 16 Weeks

Quick update on the new baby! 

Heart Rate: Loud & clear at 147!

Stats: I have not lost or gained any since my last visit, which is good! I probably lost some in DC since we walked a bazillion miles a day, but I have worked hard this week to eat enough to make up for that! The baby's probably 3-4 inches right now and according to the size of my stomach, looks like it's growing just fine! :)

Symptoms: Morning sickness is practically gone. I still get nauseated if my blood sugar gets too low, so I'm trying to eat frequently. Mostly I get sick in the morning still if I didn't have a snack before bed. My energy has really returned over the past two weeks - I'm still more tired than usual, but I feel SO much better than I did early on! Other than that, I feel pretty good! I'm just excited to be pregnant again and trying to really soak in this pregnancy!

Appetite: Each week, my appetite gets better and better. I'm able to eat more of a variety of foods and in bigger quantities. Things I love: all things spicy, fried, and sour. Things I hate: anything too sweet and most meat (unless it's fried or greasy!). 

Movement: I have been feeling this baby for about two weeks now. I started feeling flutters around 12/13 weeks but wasn't sure. Lately I feel it move at least a few times a day! It feels like little kicks and punches. Or head buts. Who knows! I think we have a little soccer player in there! Maleah was more of a wiggler (and the girl LOVES to dance!)!

Similarities with Maleah: Of course they say each pregnancy is different, but I have noticed a lot of similarities between my two. First off, their heart rates have been very similar. I had bad morning sickness with Maleah as well and also had similar cravings/aversions with her. I remember LOVING spicy food with Maleah and this baby is no different! We like it HOT HOT HOT! The only real significant difference I've noticed is just how much bigger I am at this point! I knew I would get bigger sooner the second time around but it still surprises me a little that I have a little belly!

Gender Guesses: Blake has thought from the beginning that this baby is a girl. While I kinda think it's a girl, I'm going team boy. Just because.

We go back in TWO weeks for our anatomy scan! We are praying to see a healthy, growing baby and - of course - to find out if this baby is a cute little boy or another sweet little girl!

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