Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What a Weekend Will Do

Every now and then, Blake and I have this amazing weekend that just knocks our socks off. This past weekend was one of them.

Friday night, we had our Sunday School get-together and it was SO fun! Blake & I played charades with about twenty of our closest pals! And ate food. And laughed. And stayed up WAY too late (until 10:30 p.m. - too much, right!?).

When we picked up Maleah from Parents Night Out (like how that coincided with our get-together? Perfectly planned!), she was WIDE AWAKE. At 9:30 p.m. This is the kid who sleeps something fierce, so this was very unusual. Of course, she was out like a light once the car started going. But, when we got her out of the car seat and into some pajamas, she was wound up again. She was still crawling around in her bed at 10:30 when I turned on the sound machine and walked away... I figured, she'll crash eventually.

And, boy, did she crash! Blake and I were up by about 7am, but she was still asleep. So, we let her sleep. While she slept, Blake and I talked about some things we've never really discussed before. We talked about the time when we were both "saved". At length. We discussed points in our lives when we really felt God changing us and how difficult it was to adjust to a new life.

We woke Maleah up at 9 a.m. and fed her while we watched a little Shark Tank. We all got dressed and ready and hopped in the car to go to Birmingham! Aunt Ashley offered some free baby-sitting, so we dropped off the baby and bee-lined for Patton Creek. Blake and I went to lunch at Zoe's where we made decisions about new vehicles (we're not getting one, for the record! Corolla all the way!), discussed how much I love feta cheese, and examined our teeth. Turns out, Blake and I both have crooked bottom teeth that don't line up with the top. I will probably be getting braces in the next few years... ANYWAY.

After lunch, we went to Buy, Buy Baby to buy Maleah a new carseat. (What else do parents do on dates?) This took well over an hour because we have a small car and needed to see the seat in the car before we could purchase. Thankfully, they let us test it out and we wound up with a Chicco NextFit for 30% off. Score!

The car seat purchase led to a quick trip to DSW where Blake "let" me buy some cute shoes. Then we were off to the movies - loaded up with popcorn, a huge Coke, and even huger 3-D glasses for GRAVITY. The movie was amazing!

After the movie, it was time to go get our little girl. She was very happy to see us and we were so happy to see her! She slept during the drive while Blake and I talked about all sorts of different things. He told me stories about his time in Peru and I googled the different animals and places he was telling me about. I learned how to escape the grip of an anaconda. He told me about the different snakes and spiders (I googled them and creeped myself out). And he told me about the time he went over a whirlpool (in a boat) on the Amazon. I didn't have such amazing stories to tell, so I just listened!

Sunday was great, too. We went to church, ran to Wal-Mart after, took a good long nap and just spent some time together as a family.

This past weekend left me feeling refreshed and excited about being married to my amazing husband. We are still learning new things about each other every day and this weekend was full of discoveries!

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