Monday, October 7, 2013

Maleah at 8 & 9 Months

I forgot to post at 8 months, so we'll just do a combination 8/9 months since Maleah is now 8.5 months. Are you okay with that? Good. Let's get started! :)

I think she weighs around 18 pounds and I don't even have a clue how long she is! She seems tall but not tall at the same time. All I know is the girl has some chunky, chunky thighs!!! I love 'em!

6:30 ~ wake up, 7 oz bottle, get ready for the day
8:15 ~ breakfast (oatmeal and a little fruit) with sippy cup of water
9:30/10 ~ 6 oz bottle
10:30 ~ nap
12:15 ~ lunch (fruit or veggie) with sippy cup of water
1:30/2 ~ 6 oz bottle
2:30 ~ nap
5:30/6 ~ dinner (veggie) with sippy cup of water
7 ~ bath, 7 oz bottle, bed time

Of course she doesn't follow this to a "T" every day. I am much less regimented about her "schedule" now that she's older because she's a little more predictable, so going 30 minutes one way or the other doesn't seem to shake her little rhythm as much as it used to. And, she's at home 4 days a week and at school 3 days a week and the two can never be exactly the same!

We realized Maleah wasn't taking as much formula as usual, so we stopped trying to force it down her throat! We were trying to give her five seven-ounce bottles a day. Usually she'd take 4-5 ounces, then we'd try to convince her about an hour later to finish off the bottle. It wasn't happening. So, I looked online (thank you Internet!) and realized that 35 oz/day was on the high end of the scale. We started giving her two seven-ounce bottles and two five- or six-ounce bottles instead. That has worked wonderfully! She gets the exact same amount she was before, except we aren't chasing her around with a bottle all day! I am starting to try to make her purees thicker and also let her try more table food. She doesn't seem to like purees with chunks but she'll eat purees and she'll eat bites of food. But mix the two together and she'll projectile vomit everywhere! It's awesome! :) Some new things she's tried recently: corn, baked potato, butternut squash, and Greek chicken. She is starting to like the sippy cup more - I'd say she might drink an ounce of water at each meal.

OH!!! I can't believe I'm about to type this, but we are totally having to do a dream feed again! Not every night, but some nights she won't take her night time bottle. And when she doesn't take her night time bottle, she wakes up like a crazy person in the middle of the night! This makes me think she doesn't get enough formula during the day, but we can't force the kid to take any more than she already does. Little tummy, just like mama.

Maleah has been pulling up on things for a few weeks now and it's clear to see she prefers standing to sitting! She cruises a little, but not much. Her favorite new thing is to climb over obstacles. My legs, Blake's face, a cardboard box... she seems to love a challenge! This has also meant she's taken a few dives head-first into the floor, but she seems to like that part, too! Lately I honed in on what sounds she can make after reading about the consonants babies her age should be able to pronounce. She makes sounds with: D, B/P, M (Ma-ma-ma-ma!), and most recently - G. I love listening to her "talk"!

This kid. She is so funny to watch. She likes people, but she is still just so shy and reserved. And she puts her little bottom lip under the top and gets this serious look about her when she's deep in thought or trying to figure someone/something out.

Other (You might need Kleenex...)
Last night, I was rocking Maleah before bed and we were playing with her pacifier. She thinks it's so funny when I put the paci in my mouth and try to keep it from her. Then she was hitting me in the face with it, which was even more hysterical to her! And then this little moment happened. She was playing with the pacifier in her own mouth and just started staring into my eyes. It took me back to the first time I held her and she looked straight into my eyes. Each time I look into those little baby blues, I remember what a gift God has given me in Maleah. I mentioned in my last post that I have had problems with my reproductive organs for many years. At 15, I had endometriosis and had surgery to remove the spots. At 16, a doctor told me I would have difficulty conceiving. At 23, I was told I had PCOS. So becoming pregnant with Maleah and having a healthy pregnancy are not things I take for granted, ever. And now that I only have one ovary, I treasure these little moments with her even more because I have no idea what the future holds for growing our family. But what I know now is that God gave me this sweet little girl and I don't want to let the little moments slip away. (You can cry now!)

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