Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Confessional: Fast Food is Gross (And I Judge You When You Eat It)

I really, really wanted to keep today's post light-hearted. But, I am compelled to discuss the very serious matter of the fast food industry and how absolutely disgusting it is... and how appalled I am that people even eat at such places. :) I am being sarcastic... but I really do think most fast food is gross.

Last night my mom and I swung into the Wendy's drive-thru for some Frosty's. CHOCOLATE Frosty's, FYI - you have to tell them you want chocolate these days. Last time I just ordered a regular Frosty, it was vanilla. Since when did vanilla Frosty become the regular Frosty? Anyway. As we were in the drive-thru lane, I thought, I can't believe I am getting a Frosty - I can't stand Wendy's food.

It's true. I don't like Wendy's food... or McDonald's... or Burger King... the list goes on and on. At some point in my life, I stopped eating so much fast food and now I seriously can't even stomach it. There are a lot of places I can't even consider eating because the food is just so disgusting to me. You know I like lists, so why not a Top 5 list of my least favorite fast food restaurants??

5. Sonic - I think it would serve them better to not have so many windows into their kitchen. If I couldn't see the insanity going on in there, I'd probably eat there more often. But I admit that I am a sucker for a Happy Hour cherry limeade and tater tots with cheese. Blake always gets a hamburger and just the thought of it makes me gag.

4. McDonald's - I once went TWO YEARS without eating McDonald's. I even went without having lunch during a trip to Colorado because everyone wanted McDonald's except me and we didn't have time during our layover to go anywhere else. Now, I will eat McDonald's if I'm desperate (like when I had to eat McDonald's in HONDURAS because that was the only thing open at the airport). But I just had one of their McWrap's over the weekend and it was NASTY. Pretty sure there was an entire bottle of nasty ranch dressing tucked into one corner of the wrap... and of course I bit right into it. I also have to mention here that the Muscle Shoals McDonald's is terrible. I have eaten there three times in three years and have never had a good meal. Sorry, Golden Arches. You gross me out.

3. Wendy's - Again, not a fan of Wendy's food. I think it's because the Wendy's restaurants we have in town are all dirty. There was once a time when I would choose Wendy's over everything else. But they just don't seem sanitary and that grosses me out to the max. I did eat the whole chocolate Frosty last night and survived, so maybe they're not all that bad. It's just that the Wendy's restaurants here don't seem very clean and their employees don't seem very clean, either.

2. Burger King - I cannot even tell you the last time I ate at Burger King. And I used to have a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant EVERY Sunday morning before church. I have taken Blake to BK and just the smell when I walked through the doors was enough to remind me of why I can't eat their food.

1. Taco Bell - No, no, no, no, and NO. Can't do it. Some friends convinced me to eat Taco Bell back in 2009 and I have regretted it ever since. That was the last time I ate Taco Bell. Again, another restaurant that I used to love (Mexican pizza, anyone?) but I mean... it's just SO GROSS.

There are three fast food restaurants that do not gross me out - Chick-fil-A, Arby's, and Taco Casa. Chick-fil-A because the stores are clean and their employees are very friendly (and the food is good). Arby's because their dollar menu rocks and I love some curly fries - and their stores here are clean and employees are friendly. Taco Casa because it's Taco Casa - 'nuff said. And Subway is also good, but I don't necessarily count them as fast food.

Do you have any restaurants that just totally gross you out? Maybe next week I'll post about the sit down restaurants I think are gross... I'll just go ahead and tell you the Tuscaloosa Olive Garden tops that list!


  1. I think once you get out of the habit of eating fast food, almost all of it starts to sound gross. I rarely eat fast food any more, and when I do it's typically Chick-fil-a, and I have to REALLY be in the mood for it. Of course, I'm excluding ice cream from this, because I will get ice cream almost anywhere with a drive-thru. I went through this really terrible McDonald's phase when I worked at Randall-Reilly where I got in the habit of going through the drive-thru for breakfast and/or fries.

    I would definitely include McDonald's and Taco Bell on the gross list, as well as Hardee's and Burger King. I can live with Wendy's on occasion, as well as Dairy Queen and Sonic, but Chickfila and Taco Casa are the only two we really visit with any sort of regularity (like maybe a couple of times a month).

    Oh, and if Five Guys counts as fast food, I also approve of it!

  2. You're totally right about what it's like when you're not in the habit of eating it regularly. It really just sits heavy on my stomach and I don't end up feeling good afterward. Some of the "healthy" options aren't so bad, but then I also question their quality. My go-to lately has been Chipotle. I don't think it technically qualifies as "fast food," but I love it nonetheless. :)