Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Used to be Katie Lewis

I need to first start by saying this: I am not at work.

Okay, that's a lie. But all my work is caught up for the moment so I had some spare time.

I just spent a good hour or so reading blog posts from December 2006 to May 2010. Yes, yes I did. And let me just tell you...

WOW, HAS MY LIFE CHANGED!!! (In a good way!)

I am always so grateful that I write things down. I seriously would NEVER remember things if I didn't! There are so many things that happene during those years and, wow, I am just amazed at all God has done. To relive some of those moments in my life.... wow.

I have said "wow" three times now. Obviously I am in amazement-mode.

A few things I was reminded of:

- The long string of deaths we had in my family for a few years. It was brutal on the heart.
- How much I learned about the Lord during those years
- How much I loved being single
- Some funny dreams I had (including one where Ludacris - the rapper - was my boyfriend)
- Just HOW MUCH I love "Shout to the Lord"
- Some fun times at Gospel Supply House
- Road Trip 2009 to Maine with my mom... and driving aimlessly around Manhattan, completely lost
- How much time I spent thinking about the end of Harry Potter (two whole blog posts dedicated to it...)
- How much time I spent blogging (more than I currently do, that's for sure!)
- How many documentaries I used to watch... wow (#4), I was really on a reality kick for a long time
- All the books I read
- Meeting Blake in March 2010 (although I didn't blog about him for quite a while!)

It's just so strange to go back and visit Katie Lewis. She was, in my opinon, a fantastic person with a passion for life. She was reflective and introspective, funny, candid, and quite goofy. She still exists, somewhere deep down inside this boring old married mama. I've felt her bubbling up a lot lately, so maybe it's time to pay attention to her. :)

There's this whole "Throwback Thursday" thing on Instagram where you post a picture of yourself in times past on Thursday with the hashtag #tbt. Well I don't Instagram, so I think I'll be doing a little #tbt here on the blog. Some of you have never met Katie Lewis and, well, I think it's time you should.

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