Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday: Take 1

So in the spirit of Instagram's "Throwback Thursday", I bring you a new blog series called "Flashback Friday" (or did you already guess the title??)! I loved reading my old blog so much that I am going to try to post an old blog post from way-back-when each Friday. Woo hoo! Let's get started!

This is a post from January 20, 2009 - two days and four years before little Maleah was born (surprisingly enough I didn't post anything on January 22 from 2007 to 2010...). My dad had been gone for two and a half years at this point and I would randomly recollect little snippets of memories with him. After being in a coma for two months, my dad woke up to a world he didn't belong in. You see, he had all sorts of interesting dreams while he was sleeping. And he was completely convinced they were real. This post was a reminder of some of the hysterical things he said:


"While You Were Sleeping..."

After my dad was in a coma in 2000, he woke up telling some really funny stories from dreams he had while he was sleeping…. Apparently at one time I wrote them down intending to make some goofy song for my dad. I never really put it all together, but when I read this… I laughed. These are things he really said! I just had to share.

while you were sleeping
you made some funny faces
but nothing could prepare us
do you know who i am?
i’m a mexican movie star
i’m really quite thirsty
from eating all these sandwiches
could you please attend to me
and get me out of this mess
i’m tired of being in this bed
i’d like to get up and walk around
so please go to the nurses station
and grab me another gown
i’ve been alseep for far too long

… and apparently, I jotted this down, too:
we don’t argue anymore
about monday night television
an agreement was made
that for one night, we’d make revisions
and every monday night
of every week
we watch super stars
like undertaker get beat
how could you be so fun?
i used to think you were dumb
but now i look forward to your program
dad and i really love the ring
I love silly memories like these!!


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