Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Having a baby, of course, brings about a lot of changes in a person's life and in their personality. I've found some of the changes I've experienced to be quite humorous. Maybe you will, too!

Pre-Baby Katie: Would put on an outfit for the day, hate it, and ransack the closet hunting for a magical beautiful outfit to wear. The closet, of course, looks a hot mess when she's done.
Post-Baby Katie: Puts on an outfit for the day, hates it, and says "I hate this outfit. But I don't really care that I hate it." And wears it proudly anyway.

Post-Baby Katie: "I think the dust gives our furniture an added sense of texture and depth. Let's leave it there."

Pre-Baby Katie: Had meals planned out two weeks in advance...
Post-Baby Katie: Might have meals planned out two minutes in advance...

Pre-Baby Katie: Needed AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep to function.
Post-Baby Katie: "Woooooo hoooo!!!! I got to sleep for three hours straight!!!!!"

Pre-Baby Katie: "I love coffee!!"
Post-Baby Katie: "I NEED coffee!!"

Pre-Baby Katie: "You make money to spend money!!"
Post-Baby Katie: Second-guesses EVERY SINGLE purchase. Wishes she was in the baby product business so she could make more money...

Pre-Baby Katie: "I have a headache."
Post-Baby Katie: "Ok, I don't have a headache. But, still, no." ;)

Pre-Baby Katie: Lived on a schedule.
Post-Baby Katie: Lives on someone else's schedule.

Pre-Baby Katie: "People act like their baby's gas is sooooo bad. They spend so much money on GAS stuff! Babies get gas! It's normal!"
Post-Baby Katie: ...at the store buying every type of gas-reducing bottle, gentle-on-the-tummy formula, Mylicon drops, and gripe water. And apologizes to every mom she's ever judged for being obsessed with the air bubbles trapped in their sweet babies' tummies.

I'm slowly becoming a better version of myself. I'm pretty certain a second and third set of arms are about to grow in and I think God is going to grant my prayer for an extra few hours in the day. Until then, thanks for going on this little journey to Post-Baby Land with me!

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