Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Ball: 29 weeks

Weight Gained: +6 pounds (+12 lbs total; 22 if you count the 10 pounds I lost & gained back)

Belly Measurement: 28 cm

Maleah's Heart Rate: 154

Other things going on over the last four weeks:

Movement: Her movements started to change around 27 weeks. It went from random kicks and jabs to much more rolling, wiggling, and fidgiting. It feels sometimes like she's doing a little happy dance! She also gets the hiccups almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Her movements are much stronger than before and she has more regular periods of sleep and awake time.

Symptoms: One of the funnier symptoms I've been experiencing has to do with mobility. I find myself waddling just a tad from time to time - I know I'm doing it, but it feels better for my hips to walk that way sometimes. I try not to waddle purposefully in public. I'm sure there will come a time when I waddle just because that's the only way I can walk. :) I also have started to have a hard time bending over to pick things up. I drop about a thousand things a day (my pen, ice from the ice maker, paper, socks, etc.), so the difficulty in bending over is getting annoying.

Treats: My husband rocks. He let me buy a Groupon for a massage ($35 for 1 hr!!) and he ordered me a subscription to Birchbox ($10/mo). I'll get the massage at 34 weeks, so it will be much-deserved (and long-awaited) relief to my achy back! The Birchbox is just for fun... we can't afford for me to have super nice beauty products, so this is a cheap way to get to try out some fun new stuff and pamper myself just a little.

Cravings: Lately I've really wanted spicy food. I haven't let myself eat much of it to avoid heartburn, but some XX-hot wings sound really good right about now!

Aversions: Nothing, still, except for certain sweets!

Prepping for Baby: We've really come a long way in the baby gear department! Her dresser, crib, and two bookshelves have been put together and found their home in the nursery. Her bedding also came in and looks adorable with her crib! Something I hadn't thought about before was how to organize all the stuff! Where to keep diapers, onesies, pajamas, extra crib sheets, burp cloths, bath towels, etc., so that we have what we need within reach. Organizing is one of my favorite things, so it's a challenge I'm enjoying! We've had one shower so far - hosted by my cousins and aunts. It was a PINK themed shower - the food was pink, the decor was pink, the plates were pink and most of the gifts were pink! It was so much fun and I felt so loved by my family!

Anxiety: As I noted in an earlier post, I have been having some anxiety regarding labor and delivery and how to make the best decisions for Maleah's arrival. I was able to ask my doctor all sorts of questions during our visit and she was so reassuring. It made me feel so much more at peace and I'm praying hard that Maleah decides to come on a day when Dr. Ray is on call! Even if she's not, the information Dr. Ray shared gave me the confidence to make informed decisions with a different doctor. I'm so thankful for her and for my nurse, Mandy (hey, Mandy, if you're reading this!!)!! I'm now going every two weeks and then start weekly appointments at 35 weeks. I love going to the baby doctor (even when there's a long wait!) because each appointment means we're just that much closer to January 27!

Well, yesterday we had our 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled and I was nervous all day about whether or not Maleah would cooperate. She was unusually active during the morning and early afternoon (which was fun!), but it made me think she'd probably wear herself out by 3:45. She had the hiccups while we were in the waiting room, so I hoped she would start to perk up... but, we didn't get our ultrasound until close to 5:30 and the little nugget was sound asleep with her face towards my back.

So, we didn't get to see a close-up of her cute face, although we could see glimpses of her forehead and nose when she would move just a little. We saw her little legs kicking away at my bladder (everyone thought that was funny... not me!) and she had her hands pulled up around her face. We did get to see a great shot of her AORTA (how cool is that!???), right shoulder and arm, right hand, right ear, and we saw that she has HAIR! I was 29 weeks 3 days at the visit and most everything on her measured around 28 weeks 4 days, which is normal. She weighs 2 pounds 12 oz and they couldn't really measure her length, but she is probably around 13-15 inches from head to toe. Even though we didn't get to see her face, it just did my heart good to see our little girl again and know she is healthy and strong.

Oh, and did I mention we get to do it again on Tuesday since she wasn't cooperative!? I can't really be upset about getting to see her all over again!

Here's a little glimpse of her sweet little hand:

She had her fingers pressed against her cheek with her palm facing outward. You can see her thump and four fingers (her pinky is a drifter, like mine!).

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