Monday, April 18, 2011

Counting Down.

Nine school days left of my internship.
Less than three weeks until graduation.
Twenty-seven episodes left of Oprah.
Less than two months until we can begin moving into our house(!!).
Sixty-eight days until the wedding.

I said I wouldn't be one of those "countdown girls," but I SO am.

It's what keeps me going these days. I am so exhausted, so worn out... and I hate to be that way. My introverted little self needs more "me" time, and it's beginning to show. But, I keep looking at the countdowns, and I think "one step closer, just one step closer." I'll get there. I'm determined. Yes, the conclusion of Oprah's long-term tenure really is wearing on me that bad. ;)

In other news, things have been moving forward in the little life of Katie and Blake. Our newest excitement has been finding out where we are going to LIVE! For those of you who don't know, our economy is in bad shape... which means the job hunt for me is a slow-going process. We were hesitant to sign a lease at an apartment complex since I don't have a job (yet!). As we waited on signing a lease, a tiny little miracle happened. The family friends who have been living in my great-grandmother's house found out they were moving out of state, and my aunts and uncles have offered the house to me and Blake. We are STOKED. This means we'll have room for an office (something I wasn't sure I could do without) and we will have a yard for Arnold and Elaine. The Lord really showed Himself faithful on this, and I just wanted to share the fun news. Oh, and we'll have a swimming pool...... :)

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